Key Benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Innovative design
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Liebherr custom-designed spare parts for improved performance

There’s a lot riding on the effectiveness of your excavator equipment; when essential components fail, getting everything back into operation is absolutely vital. Our replacement parts for Liebherr Hydraulic Excavators ensure speedy equipment repairs. And because our parts are custom designed to improve performance, you can expect better returns. 

We offer designs tailored to improve your operation through streamlined maintenance, increased performance and ease of use.



Performance through innovation


From pin and bushing sets to complete undercarriage replacements, use EXCEL™ high performance parts for your Liebherr excavator. Our replacement parts are supported by our F3 Commitment of Fit, Form and Function. In many cases, our engineers have modified and improved the conventional designs to greatly improve durability and performance

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EXCEL parts for Liebherr Hydraulic Excavators: the ideal solution

When your excavators stop working, your business suffers. Our replacement parts for Liebherr Hydraulic Excavators help get your equipment back up and running, but that’s only the beginning. These high-performance part solutions are designed to improve your operation, so that you get more return on your investment than ever before.  

Improved performance
Compared to other Liebherr parts, our durable, reliable designs allow for better equipment performance and throughput, making these spare part options a reliable investment for any mining site.
Innovative design
It’s not enough for a spare part to only function as well as the part it’s replacing. That’s why our engineers are committed to improving upon existing designs, customising our Liebherr spare parts to promote longer operational life and optimal performance in your equipment.
Reduced maintenance costs
Longer operational life means longer periods of operation between maintenance downtimes. That means better throughput, and increased revenue for your business.

The right parts for your Liebherr Hydraulic Excavators

Don’t settle for subpar replacement parts. Our selection covers a wide range of Liebherr Hydraulic Excavator models, all backed by our F3 Commitment to Fit, Form and Function. Our spare parts are made from the most durable materials and are specifically designed to improve excavator performance.

Our Liebherr Hydraulic Excavator parts offering includes replacement parts for the following models:

R994™ • R994B™ • R9350™ • R9400™ • R996™ • R996B™ • R9800™


Excavator parts include

  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Track shoes / track pads
  • Upper rollers
  • Lower rollers
  • Drive sprockets
  • Idlers
We stock replacement components for the following Liebherr models

  • R9350™
  • R 9350™
  • R9350-411™
  • R9350 411™
  • R-9350™
  • R9400™
  • R 9400™
  • R9800™
  • R 9800™
  • R994™
  • R 994™
  • R 994 Li™
  • R994 – 200™
  • R996B™
  • R 996 B™
  • 996™
  • R996 Litronic®

Standard offerings

  • Added wearability on standard single pin track pads
  • Manganese track shoe option for durability in hard rock applications
  • Increased track shoe articulation
  • Forged one-piece rollers



Liebherr R9350™ mining duty undercarriage



  • Directly attaches to current Liebherr side frame
  • No welding to side frame required
  • Adequate clearance between car body and side frame


Track pad design improvements

  • Solid-cast drive lug drives the track chain
  • Eliminates hollow bushing driving the track chain
  • Shoe & link are an integral casting
  • Eliminate bolts to fasten the shoe to the link
  • Press-free separation of shoes at any shoe
  • Lubrication-free track chain eliminates dry joint failures
  • Simplified design (5 components vs. 15 in conventional design)
  • Reduced ground pressure


Drive tumbler design improvements

  • 120% increase in cross-sectional area (average)
  • Fully enclosed tumbler box sections increase contact area by 67%
  • Increased drive lug surface area (8% increase)
  • Induction-hardened contact areas
  • Manganese steel shoes available to suit application-specific needs

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