Key Benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Innovative design
  • Exceptional technical support

Optimise your equipment with top-Quality parts and that gets you moving again

When vital components fail, getting your machinery up and running again is a top priority. Invest in spare part solutions that do more than just repair; optimise your Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavators, with high-value, high performance parts from EXCEL™.

When it comes it comes to getting value and performance from your equipment, everything from pin & bushing sets to complete undercarriage replacements need to be up to the task. EXCEL™ high-performance parts for Komatsu® Hydraulic Excavators are designed to meet these needs. In many cases, our engineers have gone back to the drawing board, to greatly improve the durability and performance of our parts.


Our spare parts for Komatsu® Hydraulic Excavators offering includes the following models:  PC2000™, PC3000™, PC4000™, PC5500™, PC8000™

Component Identification

A - Bucket & bucket cylinder

B - Arm & bucket

C- Mainframe & boom cylinder

D - Arm & arm cylinder

E - Boom & boom cylinder

F - Boom & bucket cylinder

G - Boom & arm

H - Boom & arm cylinder

I - Mainframe & boom

J - Bucket cylinder & bottom bucket

K - Bucket cylinder & bucket backwall

L - Idler

M - Drive socket

N - Upper roller

O - Lower roller

P - Track shoe

Download the full Identification flyer for Shovel

Download the full Identification flyer for Backhoe
komatsu part identification poster

EXCEL parts for Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavator: the ideal fix

You depend on your hydraulic excavators, so don’t let a failed component shut down your process. Our top-quality spare parts put you back in operation, improving performance and decreasing maintenance times in the process.

High quality for improved performance

In addition to only using premium materials, our strict manufacturing and foundry standards allow us to create parts that meet tight tolerances. Every part is inspected and certified to exactly match the specifications of the job. A large percentage of our production staff is solely dedicated to quality assurance inspections. We dedicate more time and people to our final inspections than any of our competitors. When you use our higher-quality parts, your equipment will perform better.


excel bushing

Technical and sales support

We have you covered with world-class service before, during and after the sale. Whether you need help with technical support, a custom request or a metallurgical analysis, we are here for you. Our talented and accessible team of design and technical service engineers are ready to offer support because your time is too valuable to spend trying to find answers on your own.

Innovative Design

Original equipment manufacturers often leave room for improvement in their component designs. We have transformed our EXCEL™ replacement parts for better performance, longer wear life, improved safety, higher quality and more durability. You get all of these proven, real-world benefits with our promise that our parts are always fully OEM compatible.


Scroll down see some of the many solutions we have designed to fix common problems our customers have with their OEM equipment.

The right components for your hydraulic excavators

Invest in parts you can rely on. We offer spare parts for a wide range of Komatsu/Demag Hydraulic Excavator models. Our spare parts are made from the most durable materials and are specifically designed to improve excavator performance.

Innovative solutions to your problems

Track shoe design: Improved weight distribution
The immense weight of an excavator wreaks havoc on its undercarriage. We improved the track shoe design to get more effective weight distribution and improve material flow. In short, we have a proven solution to extend the life of your track shoe.

Forged one-piece rollers:  Rock solid performance
We forge our rollers as a single piece using a unique process that gets you maximum strength. The volume and density of the steel is not affected by forging, but we have improved grain integrity and uniform grain size and directional flow so your part is stronger.

Undercarriage system

Our EXCEL components are fully compatible with the OEM undercarriage. However, for maximum performance and the longest wear life possible, we also provide a complete undercarriage system replacement.  Our undercarriage system is ready to install without any modifications to the frame.


  • Custom retention hardware for the pin head
  • New internal cavity - thicker cross sections to reduce back-bending
  • Manganese track shoes are available for hard rock applications
  • Fully supported roll path lasts longer than OEM components

Overpitch drive tumbler/sprocket
As the drive track wears and the pitch is extended, the engagement between your track shoe drive lugs and tumbler/sprocket becomes mismatched. This misalignment causes unnecessary wear to both the tumbler/sprocket and track shoes, costing you time and money. We focus our improvements on the primary cause of this misalignment: excess space between the track shoes.

Compensates for elongation
Our overpitch tumbler makes up for the extended pitch to get the same correct engagement that you had when the drive track was new.


Increased track shoe lifespan by 50%

This simple replacement does not require any modifications, and it increases your track shoe lifespan by 50% so you can drive farther between maintenance shutdowns. The overpitch drive sprocket installs as a direct replacement for the conventional drive sprocket.



Replacement components are in stock for Komatsu/Demag models:

  • PC3000™
  • PC3000-6™
  • PC4000™
  • PC4000-6™
  • PC4000-7™
  • PC5500™
  • PC5500-6™
  • PC8000™
  • PC8000-6™
  • PC8000-6 FS E™

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