Key Benefits

  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Improved performance
  • Increased durability

High quality spare parts for P&H Electric Rope Shovels

Optimise your equipment today with a wide selection of parts. By improving the design of the replacement parts, we provide solutions to traditional rope shovel struggles. Our spare parts for P&H® Electric Rope Shovels boasts better durability, improved performance and less machine wear.

The solution to machine wear


Because rope shovels are so massive and weigh so much, they often cause excess material to block the path, increasing machine wear and decreasing efficiency. Our P&H® Electric Rope Shovel replacement part designs increase the surface area, thereby decreasing excess material and increasing the overall performance of the machine.

From optimising the shovel undercarriage to improving drive shafts and the splined front idler, there are a number of solutions available for your machine troubles. Our business is one of the best worldwide for a reason. Optimise your operation, with these replacement parts.

Component Identification

A - Gantry spreader & equalizer

B - Equalizer & boom suspension cable

C - Boom suspension cable & point equalizer

D - Boom & boom point equalizer

E - Boom & boom point sheaves

F - Hoist cables & bail

G - Dipper body & bail

H - Pitch brace & dipper body

I - Dipper handle & pitch brace

J - Snubber assembly (pins & bushings)

K - Dipper body & dipper door

L - Saddle block & boom


M - Boom & frame

N - Lower gantry front

O - Lower gantry rear

P - Front idler

Q - Drive tumbler

R - Rear Idler

S - Lower roller

T - Track pad

U - Guide rail

V - Drive shaft

W - Swing shaft

Download the full identification flyer

Pins and bushing sets

Take full advantage of our expertise in applied mining and engineering, and use our mated pins and bushings together. We are confident that our pin and bushing sets will stand up to the mining industry’s heaviest demands. Be sure to have everything that you need on hand next time you need to do maintenance on your bucket.

  • Complete customised bucket pin and bushing kits
  • Variety of materials available

EXCEL™ Proprietary overlay pins

Our overlay pins are manufactured using an automated process to precisely control the depth that the overlay material penetrates the base metal. This process keeps the pin strong while adding the versatility that overlay provides.

Multi-pass overlay penetration is the key

  • Adds versatility without losing toughness
  • Capable in extreme applications
  • Proprietary overlay material with hardness ranged at 60+ hrc
  • Surface finish exceeds industry standards

Premium bronze bushings

Our premium high performance bushings are better because we concentrate on excellence. From the raw materials that select to our casting, cooling and machining processes, we are intentional about quality.

  • Maximum percentage of tin for tougher bushings that last longer
  • Innovative technology that distributes lead and other alloys uniformly for less friction and lower heat
  • Unique machining method to create perfectly concentric bushings
  • Highest grade raw materials to last longer
  • Casting technique that produces a tighter grain structure and fewer gas pockets to for significantly fewer defects

Our spare parts offer the best possible return on investment

By improving the design of everything from undercarriage to front idler replacements, users can expect holistic solutions to issues related to repair and replacement issues. Better durability, performance and return on investment: this is what’s on the table for our replacement parts for P&H Electric Rope Shovels. The replacements are used worldwide.

We offer repair and spare parts for the following models:


1900™ models • 2100™ models • 2300™ models • 2800™ models • 4100™ models • 4800™ models

P&H Electric Rope Shovel parts
  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Shipper shafts
  • Pinions
  • Lower rollers
  • Track pads/track shoes
  • Drive tumblers
  • Front idlers
  • Rear idlers
We stock replacement components for the following P&H models
  • 1900™
  • 1900A™
  • 1900AL™
  • 1900ALC™
  • 1900AL/LR™
  • 2100B™
  • 2100BL™
  • 2100BLE™
  • 2100BLM™
  • 2100XP™
  • 2100XPA™
  • 2300™
  • 2300MKI™
  • 2300MKII™
  • 2300XP™
  • 2300XPA™
  • 2300XPA-LR™
  • 2300XPB™
  • 2300XPC™
  • 2300XPLR™
  • 2800™
  • 2800MKI™
  • 2800MKII™
  • 2800XP™
  • 2800XPA™
  • 2800XPB
  • 2800XPC™
  • 4100™
  • 4100 BOSS™
  • 4100CBOSS™
  • 4100C BOSS™
  • 4100CBOSS AC™
  • 4100C BOSS DC™
  • 4100A™
  • 4100ALR™
  • 4100C™
  • 4100TS™
  • 4100XPB™
  • 4100XPC™
  • 4100XPC-AC™
  • 4100XPC AC-90™
  • 4800XPC™

P&H Rope Shovel undercarriage parts

Standard offerings

  • Custom retention hardware to fully retain the pin head
  • Optimised internal cavity for thicker cross sections to reduce backbending
  • Forged one-piece rollers
  • Manganese track pads for durability in hard rock applications
  • Fully supported roll path


Straddle mount for front idler

Operational problems arise when conventional bearing blocks sieze to the idler shaft. Our straddle-mount design eliminates these issues and increases the overall lifespan through an enlarged thrust washer, helping to absorb greater thrust loads during machine operation, and increasing overall wear life.

  • Allows bushings to be rotated and replaced without breaking the chain
  • Indexable collars maintain proper end play
  • Optimised bushing grooving to resist wear and aid in lubrication


Swing and final drive shafts

4100A™ • 4100TS™ • 4100XPB™ • 4100XPC™


  • Available for most current P&H shovel models
  • Available as assemblies or individual replacement components
  • Completely interchangeable components and manufactured to original specifications
  • Manufactured and assembled in North America


Splined front idler


1900™ models • 2100™ models • 2300™ models • 2800™ models • 4100™ models • 4800™ models


Save time and effort during change-outs. This high performance part increases bushing life, and simplifies maintenance. The unique design avoids the seizing of the idler shaft onto the bearing blocks. Save time by replacing bushings without breaking the belt.


Product highlights

  • Increased side load thrust surface area
  • 92% increase in bearing surface area
  • Collared shaft allows for easier lateral adjustment
  • Existing reusable front idlers can be retro-fit for splined configuration

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