With the recently finalised acquisition of the Sandvik Mining Systems projects business, FLSmidth has become a single technology provider of full flowsheet technology to the mining industry, with the ability to deliver fast start-up and reliable operations to customers.

The acquisition means a wider range of the customer supply chain, from primary crushing to tailings handling, can be covered by FLSmidth. However, it is more than just technologies; additional expertise for continuous surface mining, in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC), and minerals material-handling technology is now available to the customer through the expanded FLSmidth offering.  

“Our customers will benefit from the most comprehensive combined product portfolio in the industry, and they will be able to increase the productivity of their complete ‘pit to plant’. By knowing what will be coming into processing, we can help bridge the gap between pit operations and the processing plant, thereby increasing overall process efficiency,” says Paul Emerson, Global Product Director for FLSmidth’s Mining Material Handlings systems.

A single supplier optimises productivity

There are numerous advantages in choosing a single supplier. A key element is that maintenance and technical support can be streamlined, which can increase time and cost efficiency. For instance, should a problem arise and the root cause is difficult to identify, it is a clear advantage to only have to enter into dialogue with a single supplier, who can effectively deal with all issues, rather than having to engage with a host of different suppliers. The daily benefits include more clearly defined responsibilities, reduced total cost of ownership and improved productivity.


“In the past decade, mining corporations have gone to great lengths to reduce CAPEX, but currently we see focus changing to total cost of ownership. Especially on greenfield projects, In-Pit Crushing and Conveying can reduce the total cost of ownership as it reduces OPEX and truck costs. Ignoring the long-term OPEX is detrimental in the new norm for the mining sector,” says Emerson.


Another benefit for miners is that a full flowsheet facilitates digital access to all key processes and equipment. “We can now digitalise the entire supply chain to provide pro-active condition monitoring and data collection, identifying damage or wear ahead of any failure, even on mobile IPCC and stacking equipment. The data can be benchmarked with best practise and used to optimise the production," says Emerson.

We keep investing in being on the forefront of IPCC systems and Dry Tailing Stacking technologies going forward. This will allow customers to reduce total cost of ownership and increase throughput in order to increase their productivity.

Paul Emerson

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