Key Benefits

  • Drastically cut downtime and maintenance requirements
  • Reduce expenditure on replacement wear parts
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement frequency means safer employees
  • Shorter shutdowns due to easier-to-implement designs

Mimimise your downtime with the right wear parts

Wear products that are engineered to meet the most arduous abrasive and high-impact duties in a wide range of industries could really benefit your bottom line.

If you are looking to cut wear-related downtime in your mine, there are two ways to go about it. Firstly, assess your wear part life and ensure they are the most suitable for your needs by noting your replacement frequency. Secondly, examine how much time it takes to implement or switch out replacement parts.

Both of these factors cost time, reduce throughput and impact your profits. Could you achieve an overall increase in productivity based on improved capacity, more uptime, better wear life and a reduction in inventory needs? Could running an assessment on your mill liners, impact panels or cone crusher liners deliver similar results to your mine operations?

A new approach to mill liners

Utilising new technologies, the design of our mill liner has been improved to increase safety and allow more accurate planning of the liners useful life. The material used in manufacturing the liners has been engineered to optimise the operational conditions and in accordance with mineral characteristics.

FLSmidth offers a variety of different mill liners (both for FLSmidth branded and competitor milling equipment) as each liner needs to fit the specific needs of the processing plant. 

Production capacity in the SAG mill is more often than not the constraining factor for an entire processing plant. Improving the throughput of a mill by even a few percentage points can thus have a significant impact on the bottom-line. Replacing steel cast liners with improved composite liners is doing just that.

Where upgrading to a composite liner is the right solution, the return on investment is usually within half the lifetime of the wear part. Like all upgrades there can be an increase in upfront costs, but the total cost of ownership value is simple to calculate. This value is manifested first by production improvements, often contributing seven figure values to our customer’s profitability. That improvement can stand on its own. However, with the improvements in downtime and reduction in safety risks, the values are even greater.

Boost wear panel longevity by 10 times 

Current practice for wear protection usually involves wear liners or panels, which are bolted or welded onto the equipment. Different wear liners are applied in different situations, depending on factors such as type of ore, drop height, material lump-size distribution, and angle of impact. Each wear liner has its own advantages and disadvantages. Common types include hard-metal liners, heavy-duty rubber or rubber/ceramic composite liners, each with their own strength and weakness.

Wear panels have had a significant impact on maintenance procedures and costs. A general issue facing the industry is the loss in production time because of wear liners frequently needing to be replaced and the time it takes to install new liners. A typical example could be for material of a common ore, such as gold, copper or nickel, with a hard impact velocity of more than 7 m/s.

To meet your needs in this area, we have developed a wear liner solution that specifically addresses the challenges of operating crushing equipment, particularly related to wear liner longevity and installation time as well as the safety of personnel involved.

A unique composite structure of steel and ceramic components, FerroCer® Impact provides the advantages of both ceramic and metallic materials. Combining the superior abrasion resistance of a ceramic with the strength, toughness and malleability of a metal, it handles hard and abrasive materials in medium to high impact applications.

Traditional metallic liners wear down too quickly and ceramic liners tend to crack or disintegrate. FerroCer Impact has been shown on site to increase wear resistance by a factor of up to 15 times compared with traditional wear solutions, depending on the ore type and application. This allows minerals processing plants to achieve a total cost of ownership less than half that of other liners.

Optimising your cone crusher liners

Our high-quality OEM crusher liners grant the assurance you can rely on to maximise your crushing productivity. We have combined our experience, knowledge, engineering, and technology to develop crusher liners for a full scope of operations.

As with other wear parts, crusher liner design can affect the function and capacity of your operation. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your crusher liners are optimally designed to keep your process running smoothly. Our engineers have created crusher liners that do just that, with customers seeing increased capacity, reduce inventory needs, an increase in uptime, overall improved wear life and optimisation of the crushing chamber.

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