FLS is an industry leader in grinding technology. So why would you choose anyone else for your mill liners? With a comprehensive offering, our goal is to enable our customers grinding mill to maximize grinding efficiency by optimizing your mill liner selection process. Because we understand each mill is unique, and so we treat them this way. 

3 reasons why our customers love the ARMOUR™ mill liners solutions

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  • Increase profits with higher throughput

    Our optimised highly durable lower weight Mill Liners allow for increased grinding capacity and for your equipment to process more tonnes of material.

  • Decrease downtime with proven durability

    With FLS Mill Liners you will spend less time inspecting your mill and more time putting it to use. Our Mill Liners enable your machinery to stay running longer. Less down time means higher profitability. Highly durable mill liners allow for extended periods between scheduled maintenance times.


    50% fewer parts

    Composite Mill Liners have on average 50% fewer parts, leading to faster reline speed and reduced installation time, minimizing workers' exposure to hazardous mills.

  • Ensure safety with simpler, proven products

    Our Mill Liners are safe and have fewer parts and are therefore quicker to install. That means less downtime. It also means workers installing the liners or lifters spend less time in a potentially hazardous situation.


    50% lighter

    Composite Mill Liners are on average 50% lighter. This makes the liners easier to handle and improves worker safety.

Comprehensive portfolio designed to optimize your grinding mill liners

Each grinding mill is unique, and so the selection process of which mill liner is correct for your mill must be treated that way as well. By working with our expert team, we engineer a solution that will meet your operational requirements and goals.

We offer 3 material choices


Ideal for combating wear and tear against abrasion. They are a less costly and readily available solution. Mostly found in ball mills less than 8 metres in diameter.


Providing high-quality protection against impact wear in both SAG and Ball Mills. Customised for each customer's specific application.


High-performance, lightweight mill liners uniquely constructed with rubber and carefully selected high-hardness steel inserts.

Insights from our mill liners team

Mill Liners webinar

May 14, 2024

10:00 AM US/Eastern

Join our mill liners expert, Scott Lucenti,  and dive deeper into the benefits of the FLS mill liner solutions.

ARMOUR - Mill liner solutions (Webinar)

Expanded Mill Liner capabilities in North America and South America

We continuously work to optimise the capabilities and supply chains close to our customers. Therefore, FLS aims to provide cost and quality competitive mill liners combined with local presence and local production.

A big step towards expanding mill liner capacity has been taken recently through the acquisition of the American company Morse Rubber.


Based in Iowa, Morse Rubber manufactures and markets specialised, heavy-duty rubber products for mineral processing, among others. The Morse Rubber competences will be adding advanced molding capabilities for rubber and composite mill liners to our service offerings. With this, our Mill Liner capacity will be significantly increased, enabling a stronger service offering to our North American and Latin American customers.


Further important steps to optimise the capabilities and supply chain close to our customers have been taken In South America. We have purchased land and will begin construction this year of a state-of-the-art Mill Liner production facility in Casablanca, Chile. For the short term, we have added equipment to our Renca, Chile facility to meet our output needs until construction is complete in late 2024.


In addition we have improved our metallic liner capacity, by entering into a partnership with FUCSA foundry in Peru. This 100% dedication to FLS is a crucial factor in our growth plan for metallic liners in South America, as well as other regions.