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Our sustainability programme, MissionZero, enables you to move towards zero emissions by 2030. How? Through digital solutions and innovative products that deliver sustainable productivity and meet your challenges, such as rising costs, tighter regulations and increased societal expectations.


MissionZero goes beyond what is feasible today, requiring a shift in how we collaborate and innovate. MissionZero is an invitation to join us in co-creating and adopting the solutions that will transform mining and cement into more sustainable industries.


New online condition monitoring services for kiln improve reliability and reduce downtime

The kiln is the heart of the cement plant. An unscheduled shutdown is devastating to the whole process. Yet most kiln operators rely on just a few isolated sensors and an inspection every 2 – 3 years to monitor their biggest asset. This can mean that the early signs of failure go unnoticed, leading to costly and stressful downtime that could be avoided. 

With Online condition monitoring services for kilns, we use multiple sensors and our kiln experts to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of the kiln crank, kiln shell ovality and axial balance.  

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