Do you want to tie your capital in locally stored spare parts that you might never need? Or do you want to run the risk of hours or days of lost production time when that crucial part suddenly breaks and brings your operation to a halt?

FLSmidth now brings European mining operations closer to the most common answer to those questions: neither.

We have significantly expanded our warehouse facilities in Hamburg, Germany and now keep a large stock of parts in our EXCEL™ product line. This means we can deliver high quality spare and wear parts to anywhere in Europe within a maximum of two days.

Roman van OmmenHead of Mining Site Sales in FLSmidth

Bronze bushings tailored for European market

FLSmidth’s product line EXCEL™ consists of high-quality replacement parts for extraction and comminution equipment fit for all major manufacturers. The warehouse carries a large selection of bronze bushings for crushers tailored for the European market, as well as other crusher spares and pins and bushings for surface mining equipment.


Reduced downtime and fewer scheduled stops

With the new warehouse in place, van Ommen sees at least two major advantages for the customers.

First of all, when a customer calls us with an urgent problem, they basically needed the parts delivered yesterday. So we’re going to see reduced downtime in European crushing operations. Secondly, these spare parts are in many cases of higher quality than the original OEMs. So with these parts, you can schedule less frequent maintenance stops and reduce overall maintenance costs.

ROMAN VAN OMMENHead of Mining Site Sales in FLSmidth

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