We provide a free, on-site undercarriage audit for our customers anywhere in the world. The purpose of the audit program is to determine the amount of wear on the primary undercarriage components of electric rope shovels and hydraulic excavators, such as Hitachi®, Komatsu®, Liebherr®, Terex®, P&H®, and Bucyrus®. These on-site evaluations focus primarily on the lower and upper (carrier) roller diameter, idler adjustment remaining, sprocket tooth wear, track pad roll path wear and pitch (elongation of track shoes).

During the audit, a field technician inspects the components thoroughly, taking detailed measurements of key dimensions. That data is then used to generate an in-depth report for the customer, outlining the current conditions of the undercarriage and its expected wear life. And that’s only the beginning; performing the first audit sets the benchmarks for subsequent inspections.

These audits allow for predictability, as well as a plan for proactive replacement of these critical assemblies. At the same time, the report and subsequent findings empower Engineering professionals to consider alternative designs for the undercarriage. In some cases a product can be developed that will perform better than the conventional design in the customer’s specific applications.

Our mission is to help our customers get the most usable life from their parts, regardless if they are ours or a competitor’s. Many customers just view these components as large chunks of steel and they expect them to work, regardless of the abuse. We look at them as finely tuned instruments that can be optimized.

John MarkelloTechnical Support Engineer

John heads up the program and has traveled to mine sites all over the world to perform these valuable audits. One success story involves a mine site in Nevada that operates a Hitachi EX5500 with an EXCEL undercarriage that has now passed 50,000 hours of operational life (over twice what’s covered in the warranty). John and the various territory managers have clearly established a trusting, valuable relationship with our customers. As a result, customers’ units are experiencing longer life, lower maintenance and better overall effectiveness.

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