Key benefits

  • Usable on most surfaces
  • Harder wearing
  • Quick hardening
  • All necessary mixing tools included

WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic - your immediate solution to wear problems

Your business depends on your equipment; when that equipment fails, your business suffers

Mining and cement industry's equipment is subjected to extremely intense, high-wear conditions. Protecting your equipment from these conditions means having access to the right wear solutions, right when you need them. Our WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic makes it possible.

WEAR MAX works with pipes, chutes, silos, tanks, casings and much more. It adheres effectively to most clean and dry surfaces including metal, ceramic, rubber and concrete. The easy application and fast cure means that you will not have to wait on wear solutions before you can get equipment up and running. And, with its high durability, you will be able to extend shutdown intervals and improve productivity.

WEAR MAX® ceramic epoxy compound adheres effectively and hardens fast

Easy application and fast cure ensures improved productivity  

Usable on most surfaces
WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic is effective on most clean, dry surfaces, including metal, ceramic, rubber and concrete. Use it on any surface where sliding abrasion causes wear.
Hard wearing
WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic provides durable protection that will keep your equipment functioning longer.
Quick hardening
WEAR MAX® is hard cured after only 4 hours (at 23°C / 73°F) - this allows for fast equipment lining repairs and reduces maintenance down time for your mining processes.
All necessary mixing tools included
Our WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic comes in conveniently sized kits, complete with all necessary mixing tools in each twin kit pack. It may be your site’s handiest tool kit.

WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic - advanced wear solutions for your equipment

WEAR MAX® is a ceramic epoxy compound that you can easily mix and apply by hand to protect equipment surfaces that experience sliding abrasion wear

WEAR MAX® hard cures after 4 hours at an ambient temperature of 23°C/ 73°F allowing you to get your equipment back into service as quickly as possible. It cannot be used in temperatures less than 15°C/59°F.

WEAR MAX Epoxy is supplied in a box containing two 7 Kg kits, with each kit containing a bucket of Part A compound and a bottle of Part B liquid hardener. The liquid hardener Part B contains a blue dye, so that you can easily determine when all the hardener is evenly dispersed when mixing with the Part A compound. The hardener bottle is graduated so if the complete kit is not required, the hardener can be proportioned accordingly.

Unopened containers have a shelf life of 3 years.

WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic is very effective when used for the following equipment:

  • Centrifuges
  • Screen bowels
  • Vibrating screens
  • Thickeners
  • Flotation cells
  • Tanks & silos
  • Chutes and launders
  • Pipes, elbows, tee junctions
Caution: WEAR MAX® Epoxy Ceramic is a Class 8 (Corrosive) and requires Transport Dangerous Goods considerations.

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