Key Benefits

  • Increased wear life
  • Lower power consumption
  • Increased mill throughput
  • More consistent hydroclone separations
  • Reduced cost-per-ton pumped

The millMAX difference

The KREBS millMAX Pump’s unique design was developed exclusively for pumping abrasive slurries.

Prior to the millMAX, slurry pumps experienced two major problems: mechanical grinding of solids between the suction liner and impeller, and flow recirculating back to the impeller eye on the suction side. Both of these problems decrease pump life and increase power consumption. Conventional slurry pumps can only solve one of these issues through impeller and liner adjustment – but not both.

millMAX™ Wear ring technology

The image shows a closeup of wear ring assembly; wear ring, wear ring carrier and wear ring adjustment bolt. The millMAX™ product family features a proprietary suction-side sealing system, called the wear ring, that eliminates both major problems faced by conventional pumps. The wear ring closes the suction side gap while the pump is running restoring performance without speeding up the pump. This feature makes KREBS® pumps the only pump line that can effectively eliminate both the inefficient recirculation and the grinding of slurry.


High pressure pumps

High-pressure applications produce extreme forces on the pump suction liners, making full-face adjustment of traditional designs nearly impossible, as well as unsafe. The millMAX™ wear ring has a small cross-sectional area, and has proven to be easily adjustable in the highest-pressure applications.

The result? Our millMAX™ HP will easily maintain suction-side sealing throughout the life of the pump, leading to higher pumping efficiency and constant operating speeds for a given discharge head. These factors increase the wear life of the wet-end components over our competition.

millMAX™ High-Head pump

Our millMAX™ High-Head (millMAX™ HH) Pump was designed for applications that have high total dynamic head requirements. Standard volute slurry pumps experience radial thrust on their impellers due to differential pressure zones within the pump casing when they operate far away from their best efficiency point (BEP). This radial thrust causes shaft deflection and premature bearing and gland-sealing failures.


The millMAX™ HH concentric casing design creates an even velocity and pressure around the casing. millMAX™ HH pump casings have higher pressure ratings to account for high-speed and multi-stage application

SMART PUMPS - One simple app for better understanding and improving your operation

With the combination of our SiteConnect™ app and KREBS® Smart Pumps, you now have access to real-time information about your pumps on any phone or mobile device. Get instant alerts about operational deviations so that you know about potential problems before they occur. With better information about current operation, historical data, trends and advanced calculations, one simple app gives you a snapshot of the overall health of your entire plant. Learn more SiteConnect™ mobile app.

Lower your operating costs with our millMAX Slurry Pump

Increased wear life

To stop recirculation, pumps without a wear ring feature close the suction-side impeller clearance by adjusting the impeller to the suction side. This can be effective when pumping fluids with no solids; with slurries, however, as the pump wears the solids become caught between the rotating impeller and static suction liner, and are crushed.

Grinding these solids consumes power and wears out the impeller and liner. The millMAX wear ring stops stop recirculation, and allows for a large gap between the impeller and suction liner – eliminating solids grinding.

Lower power consumption
Because millMAX Pumps maintain a constant operating speed and do not grind particles, they naturally last longer and consume less power (up to 10% less).
Increased mill throughput
Grind in your mill – not in your pump. The millMAX protects against particle degradation, lost production and allows greater throughput.
More consistent hydrocyclone separations
By eliminating particle grinding in the pump, and its resulting particle degradation, the millMAX provides the desired feed to your hydrocyclones for better separations.
Reduced cost-per-ton pumped
The millMAX has been proven worldwide to reduce power costs, reduce maintenance costs, reduce downtime, and eliminate particle degradation when compared to conventional pumps – in all, reducing your cost-per-ton pumped.

Treat the cause of pump wear, not the symptoms

The millMAX™ pump design includes the following

  • Casing: Designed for minimum slurry turbulence and even wear. Includes integral wear ring, wear ring carrier and adjustment screws for online adjustment and elimination of suction-side recirculation.
  • Wear ring: Adjustable wear ring assembly that closes the suction-side impeller clearance during operation. This reduces suction-side recirculation, helping to maintain hydraulic performance.
  • Impeller: Designed for high slurry efficiency and hydraulic performance. Machined surface at the eye for wear ring adjustment and high expelling vanes.
  • Suction liner: With integral wear ring, matching full impeller diameter and profile for close operating clearance.
  • Wear parts: Hydraulically designed to wear evenly. Constructed of high-chrome iron.
  • Power frame: Heavy-duty cast iron pedestal with external bearing assembly adjustment mechanism.
  • Flanges: Multiple flange options drilled to suit various pipe requirements.
  • Reverse-taper roller bearings: Designed to increase the effective load span to improve life. The pumping action of the taper rollers discharges grease to the outside, preventing ingress of slurry and eliminating possibility of failure due to over-greasing. Indirect fitted taper roller bearings rated at minimum of 100,000 hours B-10 life.
  • Narrow clearance between impeller and backliner: Reduces pressure at gland to assist centrifugal dry-gland seal or reduce gland water pressure.
  • Optimised expelling vane design: Clears large solids, prevents crushing of solids, and reduces casing slurry pressure at impeller eye.
  • External wear adjustment bolts: Allow simple and safe wear-ring adjustment while pump is operating.
  • Wide clearance between impeller and suction liner: Dramatically reduces crushing of solids, increasing wear life and reducing power consumption.


The millMAX is available in the following sizes The millMAX High Head is available in the following sizes The millMAX High Pressure is available in the following sizes 
3x2 80 mm x 50 mm  3x2 80 mm x 50 mm 14x12 350 mm x 300 mm
4x3 100 mm x 80 mm 4x3 100 mm x 80 mm 20x18 500 mm x 450 mm
6x4 150 mm x 100 mm 6x4 150 mm x 100 mm 24x20 600 mm x 500 mm
8x6 200 mm x 150 mm 8x6 200 mm x 100 mm    
10x8 250 mm x 200 mm 10x8 250 mm x 200 mm    
12x10 300 mm x 250 mm 12x10 300 mm x 250 mm    
14x12 350 mm x 300 mm        
16x14 400 mm x 350 mm        
18x16 450 mm x 400 mm        
20x18 500 mm x 450 mm        
24x20 600 mm x 500 mm        
28x26 700 mm x 650 mm


KREBS® Quick Release™ system

Increase uptime, improve safety and maintenance with our KREBS® Quick Release™ system.   A safe and quick disconnect system that minimises the time required for replacing wear parts and routine maintenance. Now you can quickly and safely switch your wet end module to perform routine maintenance and part replacement while your slurry keeps moving.

KREBS® Belt Tensioning System

We designed our patented KREBS belt tensioning system to quickly and easily change out the v-belts in minute without ever having to realign pulleys. This is the easiest to use and least expensive solution of it’s kind on the market, exclusively for direct and reverse overhead drive arrangements on KREBS pumps. Belt Tensioning System brochure.


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