Key Benefits

  • Improved process control and faster reaction to process changes
  • Robust, low maintenance design
  • Faster and safer than manual methods
  • Customised to suit your needs and flowsheet
  • Decades of experience in slurry sampling

Plant samplers designed by the mineral processing experts

Mineral processing operations increasingly rely on accurate plant analysis. Sampling bias can cause significant losses. With the right sampling solution in place, you can enhance every aspect of your operation from process control to optimising the quality of your output.

Mineral processing operations increasingly rely on accurate plant analysis. Sampling bias can cause significant losses. With the right sampling solution in place, you can enhance every aspect of your operation from process control to optimising the quality of your output.


Our range of slurry sampling solutions is well tested and proven to perform even in the most challenging of settings. We employ basic theory of sampling (TOS) principles, the rules of good, representative sampling practices as well as international industry standards across our solutions. The application of this theory is further enhanced by our industry-specific experience and deep knowledge of relevant plant processes. This gives you practical, efficient and cost-effective slurry sampling solutions that support your need for sampling for both metallurgical balance accounting and online analysis.



Metallurgical accounting samplers

Sampling for metallurgical accounting requires a high level of accuracy, and must be truly representative. Our typical solution is to have multi-stage (usually 2 or 3) sampling installations at key locations, using linear or rotary primary sample cutters. In tandem with the composite samples they produce for metallurgical accounting, these cross-cut, fully representative samplers can also be customised to provide continuous flow to online analysers like slurry x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers.


Online analyser samplers

For online analysis, we understand your focus is generally on process trends rather than exact analytical value. So, we offer sampling solutions that are more practical to implement: simple fixed cutters for gravity flows, or pressure pipe samplers for pumped slurry streams. With turbulent, well mixed slurry flows at the sampling point, a fixed cutter solution, such as a shark fin sampler or pressure pipe sampler, can give you samples with adequate representation for on-line analysis.



Project solutions

But what kind of set up will best suit your objectives? That’s where our tailored service comes in. Backed by years of industry-specific mineral processing expertise, our sampling experts partner with you to design and implement effective slurry sampling systems. Because we have complete flowsheet expertise, we take in all the important issues like material type, pipe routing, pump requirements, slurry flow, and sampler location. With our specialist advice, you will have sampling systems positioned in exactly the right place in your process to get the accurate results you need. The strength of a global knowledge bank, combined with the support of a one-on-one relationship.

We understand your objectives – obtain the right sample at the right cost

Biased analysis can cause poor decision-making, and a negative impact on your bottom line. That’s why we’ve engineered our linear and rotary falling stream samplers to obtain truly representative samples, giving you results you can trust.

Or, if you require sampling suitable for providing trending process performance, and want a more cost-effective option, our static cutter samplers are a practical solution.


Whilst initial capital expenditure is an important consideration, total cost of ownership is the key to your profitability. And to be useful in optimising your operations, it’s essential your sampling and analysis system is operational when you need it. To keep your operating costs down and increase your sampling availability, our designs are innovative, and our samplers easy to operate. Our static cutters are quality engineered with replaceable parts, and with few mechanical moving parts, so are low maintenance. And cutter inspection points make it easy to ensure your sampler is operating accurately. Giving you reliable, cost-efficient sampling, without the downtime.


Our mechanical samplers do away with the need for manual sampling, removing the associated dangers of the manual sampling process and keeping your people safe. In addition, our sampling solutions include robust safety features to protect your workforce including easy access inspection panels and mechanical override switches.

You can tap into our skills in design, process knowhow and engineering to help you make the most of your sampling system. And our solutions ensure that we supply an option for most applications or requirements. Our total flowsheet capability means we understand every aspect of your operations. By having the right samplers for the job, in the right place within your process, we can improve the accuracy of your results, reduce your costs, and bring high availability to your slurry sampling system.

Mineral sampling systems: A complete range of plant slurry samplers

Linear Cross-cut Samplers: Ball Screw, Belt Drive and Moving Pipe Samplers

Our range of linear cross-cut samplers is designed for optimal, fully representative sampling, and with emphasis on robust and reliable operation in harsh environments. They are suited to process flows where a horizontal launder section feeds into a large vertical chute


Sampling the whole sample stream

The cutter is designed to intercept the complete sample stream and has the capacity to accept the total sample cut. The drive assemblies of the Essa® Ballscrew Linear Samplers and Belt Drive Linear Samplers are installed above the sample stream discharge point, with the custom-designed cutter bolted below the sampler cutter carriage. The Essa® Moving Pipe Sampler, however, is flange mounted within the pipe system. In all cases the sampler cutters move perpendicular to the sample stream. This proven technology meets recognised international sampling protocols and uses correct cutter geometry, giving you truly representative samples.


Flexible options

We purpose-design the cutter assembly to meet the specific requirements of the location and application. Fully adjustable proximity switches and proximity targets mean you control the stroke length and ensure that the cutter parks well clear of the sample stream. And hinged safety access screens allow you to easily adjust the controls. The machines also have mechanical override limit switches as an emergency stop.

Low-maintenance for continuous operation

And they’re built to withstand even the harshest conditions, keeping you up and running. The samplers incorporate a simple but robust low-maintenance drive mechanisms. The sample cutter carriage on the Ballscrew and Belt Drive samplers have heavy duty “V” shaped wheels that slot onto matching rails – a simple design that ensures material does not build up on the running surface. Cutter blades are replaceable, and large inspection doors allow you to view the machine in operation, making it straightforward process for planned maintenance and wear parts replacement. With a tough, powder-coated finish, and high-quality manufacturing, our linear falling stream samplers will keep on performing, year after year.


Rotary Samplers: Vezin Samplers, Arcual Single Stage and Dual Stage Samplers

The rotary Vezin Sampler is often used as secondary or tertiary cross-stream slurry sampler for metallurgical accounting. They suit smaller sample flows and are typically timer controlled or dependent on the operation of the preceding sampler in the system.


Options to meet your needs

The Essa® Vezin Sampler is placed below the falling slurry stream, where its rotating sample cutters pass through the stream at a constant, uniform speed. Up to four cutters can be fitted to ensure you get the required amount of representative sample. You can either operate the sampler continuously or take cuts at a pre-determined frequency. Its radial cutter edges accurately cut a fixed portion of the stream, ensuring your sample meets internationally recognised sampling protocols.


For larger vertical gravity pipe flows we have an option of a single stage Essa® Slurry Arcual Sampler or the larger Essa® Dual Stage Sampler. These samplers use a cutter, moving across an arc, to take the sample. In the case of the Dual Stage Sampler the primary sample is fed into an integrated Vezin Sampler for secondary sampling. This is a real space-saver both in footprint and installation height.


Built to last

Our rotary samplers come as an enclosed unit, with a design specifically suited for slurry sampling. Angular bottom plates prevent sample material build up, and they have an optional integrated washing system to keep them running smoothly with minimal cross-contamination. The interior of the body can be rubber-lined. The cutter assembly and cutter lips are constructed from stainless steel, or hardened steel as required. And for easy maintenance, the unit features replaceable wear plates and cutter blades, along with well-placed inspection doors.


Static Cutter Samplers


Shark Fin samplers

If linear or rotary samplers are not feasible within your set up, a Shark Fin sampler can be a useful alternative for online analysis. They are suitable for producing trending information on process parameters, helpful in process control. This type of plant sampler can take samples from a slurry stream at close to ambient pressure and feed sample to an on-line XRF analyser or collection container.


Its name comes from the finned shape of the cutter. This effective design means that if you have vertical segregation of particles in your slurry flow, for example denser or larger particles at the bottom, it is not a major issue for sampling quality. And the sample flow rate is directly proportionate to the process flow rate, providing composite sampling.


The Shark Fin sampler is typically installed as a vertical static cutter in a section of horizontal pipe. Their flange-mounted design comes in several models with different sizes to suit a range of pipe diameters. You can get various cutter opening sizes, ensuring the cutter opening is several times wider than the largest sized particle in the slurry. The sample discharge port has the option of an outlet valve that can discharge the sample either manually or automatically.


Maintenance is easy with replaceable cutter blades and a removable inspection plate at the top of the sampler body. The Shark Fin sampler has painted mild steel sampler body, and natural rubber lining.

Pressure Pipe samplers

Pressure pipe samplers are used to extract a portion of the slurry flow from a pipe under pressure. Since only part of the slurry stream is extracted, Pressure Pipe Samplers are useful for trending purposes only (rather than the truly representative sampling required for metallurgical accounting).

They work by having a sample tube that extends into the slurry stream in a vertical pipe with upward flowing slurry. Different models are available to fit different sized pipes.


The sampler body is made from mild steel and lined with natural rubber to reduce wear and corrosion. The sample tube is made from tough stainless steel.


Efficient design and quality manufacture giving you trouble-free sampling.

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