Key Benefits

  • Improves safety
  • Improves reliability
  • Improves overall assembly process
  • Improves overall maintenance process

Gyratory and cone crusher tooling solutions developed with you in mind

Count on our upgrade solutions to increase your safety during maintenance, improve your crusher reliability and reduce downtime.

Gyratory crusher headnut tool

Don’t rely any longer on the industry standard method for tightening and loosening the gyratory crusher headnut. We combined proven technology and innovation to create a headnut tool system design that eliminates your safety concerns while at the same time making maintenance easier.

This simple upgrade improves your safety in several ways:

  • Improves lifting hardware position
  • Integration of recoiless hammer eliminates antiquated manual slugging
  • Reversible striking socket eliminates field welding of striking tabs to the headnut during installation and removal

Spider lifting hook tool for gyratory crushers

You regularly remove the spider assembly as part of necessary maintenance, so why not make the process easier on everybody?
Improved maintenance and safety

  • Simplifies the lifting rigging necessary
  • Removes personnel from the transport task 
  • Minimises the shutdown, increasing production time


Upgrade package

  • Spider lifting hook
  • Maintenance stand for spider assembly
  • Spider lifting hook cradle

Cone crusher lock nut / bolt tightening tool

After your maintenance personnel use the crusher lock nut and bolt tightening tool once, they will never want to do without it. Our tool system makes maintenance work safer and faster.

  • Reliable and consistent tightening with impact hammer
  • Simplified removal for difficult applications
  • Replaces antiquated manual slugging with a safer method
  • Fully integrated with existing designs
  • Adaptable to multiple crusher designs

Mantle liner lifting tool

Installation and removal of new or used crusher liners adds a risk element that if you are not using the right process and the right tool can lead to injury. With our mantle liner lifting tool, your entire experience will be different. It is designed with easy connection points and handles the vast size and weight required for safe liner removal and installation.

Improved maintenance and safety

  • Quick installation and removal
  • Intuitive verification checks
  • Multiple designs available for different mantles
  • Securely holds the mantle liners snugly
  • Can be used for both new and used liners

Head maintenance platform

Our tooling solution

Our head turning table can improve your maintenance practices allowing for simplified manipulation, safer procedures and faster turnaround. The complete head assembly is installed into the platform and secured in position. Once it is secured, the platform allows for manipulation of the entire head assembly. This manipulation allows workers access to all maintenance components of the head.


  1. 360° gearbox driven rotating table
  2. Mechanically lockable table
  3. Safety Lockout/Tag Out compatible
  4. Removable handrails/walkways
  5. Mantle lifting tool compatible
  6. Locknut tightening tools compatible
  7. Accommodates multiple cone crusher head designs
Cone crusher maintenance platform flsmidth

Gyratory crusher mainshaft transport stand

Anyone who has handled or transported the gyratory mainshaft without a transport stand can attest to the difficulties involved in properly lashing and securing the mainshaft. The task has now become easier and safer with our mainshaft transport stand.


Our stand holds the mainshaft snugly and safely in place, and has easy connection points for your lifting equipment. During transportation, the stand gives you convenient straight edges that makes it easy to lash securely. When you use our stand, you do not risk load shifts that can happen if the shaft is loaded without proper support.

The tooling you need for added safety and reliability during assembly and maintenance

Our ever-expanding crusher tooling options are a unique way for you to make the most of your equipment. When maintenance events go more smoothly, your operators can safely get the crusher back online faster.

The safety and reliability you deserve

All our tooling upgrades were designed with your safety in mind. We work with customers in the field to find the real-world ways that we can improve the safety and consistency of maintenance using special tools. Through analysis and intensive design testing, we have discovered ways to keep you safer while at the same time allowing the tasks to be performed faster.



Assembly and maintenance

Any time equipment must be shut down for an assembly or maintenance task, the operators feel the pressure of the ticking clock. These tasks can and are done without advanced tooling packages. But considering the expense of lost production, improving the process through specialised tools is worth it. With upgraded tools, your maintenance operators will be more efficient in getting the crusher back online.

The right tools for the right job to get your crusher back on the job

An upgraded tooling package may be just what you need to shave precious time off each maintenance event while at the same time increasing safety. And because the tools are designed by FLSmidth, you know they are made for your crusher model and easy to install.

Gyratory Headnut design and reliability

  • Reliable and consistent headnut tightening with impact hammer
  • Field welding of dowel pins eliminated, reducing risk of looseness during operation
  • In the event of a weld failure, piloted filler ring maintains location on headnut until repair can be performed

Upgrade package includes:

  • Headnut
  • Filler ring
  • Striking socket
  • Tightening arm & shaft adapter
  • THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer

Designed for our Gyratory NT crusher , or Gyratory TS crusher



Cone crusher lock nut and tightening improvements

  • Reliable and consistent tightening with impact hammer
  • Simplified removal for difficult applications
  • Replaces antiquated manual slugging with a safer method
  • Fully integrated with existing designs
  • Adaptable to multiple crusher designs

Upgrade package includes:

  • Tightening arm
  • Mounting hardware
  • Locking nut adapter (when needed)
  • THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer


Designed for our Raptor® cone crusher

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