Key Benefits

  • Increased uptime
  • Longer wear life
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Retrofittable

Enhanced productivity for your gyratory crushers

Naturally, you need to protect your equipment to keep it running smoothly and continuously. In order to accomplish that, you demand wear parts with superior wear life and proven production. That’s precisely what you get with our Gyratory Crusher Wear Plates. At FLSmidth, we are capable of helping you find the very best solution regardless of your needs.
FLSmidth Mining Gyratory Crusher

High wear application

Wear plates for high-abrasion applications comprise a spider hub and optional underside liner, which completely cover the spider to protect assembly from wear, even in the most abrasive applications.
FLSmidth Mining Gyratory Crusher
  • Heavy-duty rock box within the arm guard establishes a material impact bed designed to improve liner life
  • Shield extends farther down for maximum spider coverage
  • Low-profile cap design reduces the risk of dislodging during truck dumps


FLSmidth Mining Gyratory Crusher

Blocky feed application

Blocky feed often leads to bridging. The ridgeline design of this wear plate style features a prominent peak that will split feed around the plates, improving flow into the crushing chamber.
FLSmidth Mining Gyratory Crusher
  • Steep design and peaked ridge minimise material hang-up, especially with blocky feed material
  •  Shield wraps the spider cap and assist in deflecting large rocks to prevent dislodging during truck dumps
  • Extended sides on the shield

A productive crushing operation depends on your equipment; when that equipment constantly needs maintenance, profitability suffers and your productivity screeches to a halt.

FLSmidth Mining Gyratory Crusher

Underside wear liners 

  • Provide additional wear protection on underside of the spider
  • Useful for choke-feed applications, which regularly bury the spider with feed material
  • Compatible with both high-abrasion and ridgeline-design spider shields


FLSmidth Mining Gyratory Crusher

Top shell wear plates

  • Allow for inward adjustment as edges wear, increasing usable life
  • Designed in multiple segments for independent movement, permitting finely tuned adjustments on dump locations


Crusher operating parameters, liner selection, material selection, plant process review, and customer goals all go into providing our customers with the ideal solutions. If more than one option is available, we offer cost-benefit options to make the decision-making process easier for you.

Solutions for FLSmidth gyratory crushers

TS Model Crushers:

  • 1100 x 1800
  • 1300 x 1800
  • 1400 x 2100
  • 1600 x 2400
  • 1600 x 2900
  • 1600 x 3000


NT Model Crushers:

  • 60 x 89
  • 60 x 113NT/UD

The option to customise

We provide tailored solutions for any model and size of equipment that may require a customised approach.

Our services also include:

  • Crushing chamber optimisation
  • Repair and service contracts
  • Safety and maintenance tools 

Reduce OPEX and improve capacity with correct Gyratory Wear Parts

Increased capacity

Increase the capacity of your operation with well-designed and durable Gyratory Crusher Wear Plates; ours will enable you to handle even the heaviest workloads.

Increased wear life

Uptime is critical to the efficiency and success of your operation. The long wear life of our Gyratory Crusher Wear Plates keeps your operation running at the highest levels of productivity.

Improved equipment reliability

With the right Gyratory Crusher Wear Plates for your site and use case, you’ll find greater reliability in your equipment and you will keep productivity high.

Reduced OPEX

Keep your machinery running longer and reduce operating expenditures with Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts made from the highest quality materials.


Gyratory Crusher Wear Plates — find the right solution for your application

FLSmidth Gyratory Crusher Wear Plate solutions help enhance the efficiency of your operation and lower your operating expenses.

Using our knowledge as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we ensure that the supplied product is correct for your equipment and application. We offer Gyratory Crusher Wear Plates tailored to your needs and manufactured for increased productivity. Here is what sets our Gyratory Crusher Liners apart:

(1) Gyratory Crusher Wear Plate design is selected based on customers' application

(2) We use high quality materials and a robust Quality Control Program for wear parts

(3) We have a proven reputation of standing behind the product and its selection

(4) We offer standard designs, but also have custom designs available

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