• Reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity
  • Minimise downtime with shorter lead times
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduce use of resources by refurbishing rather than replacing or buying new
  • Improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and save water

From parts exchange to complete upgrades – and everything in between

When major equipment loses performance, don’t discard it – investigate what can be done to improve it. Upgrades, retrofits and exchange services offer an effective and sustainable approach to improving your mining operation without the costs associated with investing in new equipment. Whether you want to increase output, reduce energy consumption, or achieve performance improvements, anything is possible with the right expertise.

Every operation is different. The environment, local regulations and your business objectives are just some of the things that influence your decisions about equipment and site improvements. When it comes to equipment investments, you need specifically developed solutions. This is something we are experts at and that’s because we are a world-leading equipment manufacturer for mineral processing operations. This allows us to provide to you in-depth knowledge of equipment systems, components, and designs. We are always there for our customers, inspecting, troubleshooting, maintaining and upgrading equipment as needed. For you this means a complete package: an unbeatable capacity to customise operationally sound equipment solutions. 
Upgrades, retrofits and exchange services

We come to you with a proven track record.

When you’re looking for reliable solutions, experience counts. Our team has completed refurbishment and upgrade projects for customers in all global regions. Your end goal is to reduce large capital investment and operational costs. We have proven time and again that we can deliver this with solutions that reduce your unscheduled downtimes, decrease wear, reduce bottlenecks, increase availability, and avoid the need for major overhauls of infrastructure and premises. You can count on us to keep to the timeframes and budgets presented to you in our feasibility studies.  


Despite mining companies achieving productivity gains in recent years we know the pressure on mining operations to make further productivity improvements and reduce spending is ever-present. 

Our service exchange programme helps mining operations achieve these objectives by offering a range of replacement equipment and parts ready for rapid dispatch. Instead of waiting weeks or potentially months for replacement equipment or components, we have select items on hand that can be delivered and installed in a matter of days. 

Cost-effective and environmentally responsible equipment services

Reduce bottlenecks, increase capacity and improve productivity with modernised equipment that not only saves you time and money, but also reduces your use of resources by refurbishing rather than replacing. Our local team will support your upgrade and retrofit projects from start to finish, backed by a global network of experts and service centres.

Reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity
Increase output and equipment performance with equipment modernisation projects. Upgrading your mineral processing operations with the latest technology allows you to take advantage of digital tools, advanced materials, up-to-date safety features and cutting-edge solutions. 
Minimise downtime with shorter lead times
Waiting for new equipment can leave you with prolonged periods of reduced activity. It’s typically much quicker to upgrade or optimise existing equipment, so you can return to normal – or even improved – productivity levels much more quickly. 
Increased profitability
Enhancing the life cycle of your equipment results in an increased profit per tonne over the entire lifetime of your equipment, which also increases profit per dollar invested. Payback periods are typically much shorter and return on investment is generally significantly higher. 
Reduce use of resources by refurbishing rather than replacing or buying new
Maximising the operational life of your equipment - through maintenance, condition monitoring, refurbishment, rebuilds, retrofits, upgrades and service exchange – is a fundamental step towards embedding the circular economy into your mining operations. 
Improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and save water
Modernising your equipment can unlock the potential of your mining operation to reduce energy and water use, and even reduce environmental impact.  

Audits, studies and exchange programmes

Are you looking to reduce the amount of energy your mining equipment uses? Perhaps you want to boost your capacity, product quality, availability or reliability? Or maybe you want to enhance employee safety and environmental performance?

Whatever your goal, our tailored audits will support you in identifying and harnessing these areas of potential. With a comprehensive analysis of your operations or audit of your mining equipment and machinery, you will know exactly where to start optimising your operation.


Once your equipment is operational you want to maximise availability and output without major disruptive changes and prolonged lead times for replacement parts.


Our service exchange programmes promise to deliver: 

  • Reconditioned replacement as the most economical solution 
  • Rapid delivery 
  • Quality and reliability 
  • Simplified transaction 
  • Local execution 

Audits and Studies

We’ve developed a strict step-by-step approach to upgrades and retrofits that starts with a detailed fact-finding mission to audit your equipment and evaluate its potential.

Service Exchange Programmes

The equipment or component being replaced is returned to us as part of the service exchange process.

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