Tailored solutions for your cement or mining material handling

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Strengthen your cement and mining material handling capabilities

We have been providing solutions to the cement and mining industries for over a century, equipping us with real-world experience and know-how that can be used alongside research and development (R&D) activities to produce material handling equipment to the highest standard.

Overcome your material handling challenges


Our engineers and service technicians understand that material handling in both the cement and mining industries require equipment that can withstand harsh conditions. Highly abrasive and hard materials accelerate equipment wear and tear, leading to increased costs for equipment and spare parts replacement, and costly maintenance.


We offer reliable material handling technologies to effectively transport bulk material throughout your cement plant and to extract bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulated feed to a crusher. Depending on your material handling equipment needs, we can work with you to find a solution that meets your brief.


Built to endure


Backed by experience and know-how, we have carefully considered the challenges you face when handling rough bulk and feed materials, therefore, we have built our technologies to last. We have paid particular attention to the equipment wear parts and components because they bear the brunt of the hard knocks. We hardface and fabricate them with the toughest materials for increased longevity.


And while increasing energy efficiency, easing maintenance frequency and access, and keeping production shutdown to a minimum are things that you aspire to, our well-designed material handling equipment offer all of these benefits and more. Other advantages that you can gain from our material handling equipment include:


  • Ability to handle sticky material
  • Highly flexible and hassle-free onsite installation
  • Reliable operation


With you for every step


Our highly-trained staff guarantee professional support through all phases of your material handling solution’s life – from assembly and inspections to emergency services, or even offering their expertise if your material handling solution needs a full overhaul. We can advise on design improvements for your existing feeder or conveyor – or assist with an upgrade if your material handling solution no longer satisfies your needs. If you’re looking to prepare your cement plant or mining operation for the future, we offer upgrades, revamps or complete exchanges of your old material handling equipment.


There is no doubt that handling raw, cement and other feed material is tough work. We offer well-designed technologies to endure virtually any hard rock ore or raw material, with differing moisture levels and particle size. Whatever your cement or mining material handling needs are, FLSmidth is your trusted partner.


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