Key Benefits

  • Revolutionary design
  • Bushings and piston easily accessible
  • Durable and flexible
  • Two variations available

Gyratory Crusher Top Service offers you safety, maintenance and functionality

Crushing tonnes upon tonnes of solid rock takes its toll on your equipment. That is why, throughout the world’s mines and rock quarries, decision makers are choosing FLSmidth Gyratory Crushers. Our Gyratory Crusher (TS) is built upon a century’s worth of mining and engineering experience. When you want a crusher that can withstand the harshest requirements, the Gyratory Crusher (TS) has you covered.

The Gyratory Crusher TS is a high quality, modern design, durable gyratory crusher that was engineered from the ground up with an unwavering focus on performance, safety, maintenance and functionality, for the utmost reliability and efficiency in your projects.


The Gyratory Crusher TS is distinguished from other gyratory crushers by its revolutionary design which allows you to easily and safely perform major service and maintenance functions. It is designed so that you can easily access and remove the eccentric assembly, bushings and hydraulic piston through the top of the crusher, hence the name “Top Service”. The Top Service feature greatly simplifies service functions and provides safety benefits, not found on traditional bottom service machines. As a result it reduces your overall costs and helps to make this a more sustainable and available option for you.


Trust the solution that is built using the most advanced analysis techniques, for a crusher that is structurally sound from the inside out. And because your business is unique, the Gyratory Crusher (TS) is not only durable, but also flexible enough to meet your varying needs and requirements in a dynamic way.

Revolutionary Top Service design provides durability and flexibility

Revolutionary design
The FLSmidth design allows major service and maintenance functions to be safely performed from the top of the machine.
Bushings and piston easily accessible
The eccentric assembly, bushings and hydraulic piston are easily accessible and removed through the top of the crusher, hence the name “Top Service”.
Durable and flexible
Using the most modern analysis techniques, FLSmidth’s Gyratory Crusher (TS) is structurally sound from the inside out. Within this Top Service line, we can offer you process design flexibility even after installation.
Two variations available
Depending on your requirements, we offer the Heavy Duty (TS) for the bulk of mining applications, but also Ultra Duty (TSU) model, specifically designed for extreme applications, where extra motor power and heavier sections are needed.

Gyratory Crusher Top Service — High power, reliability and less maintenance

The Gyratory Crusher TS design allows for a more cost effective and flexible layout of your crushing station. It features multiple counterbalancing options for mobile and semi-mobile applications, which reduce out-of-balance forces. The end result is you saving money through the use of fewer building materials.


  • The bar-type spider’s 4-bolt design reduces the amount of time required to remove and its slim design reduces the overall amount of space you need during maintenance
  • Spiral bevel gearing allows for larger installed power on the crushers
  • The countershaft assembly is rotatable, to allow for fine adjustment of gear mesh during installation. It also includes self-adjusting bearings that do not require maintenance of pre-load
  • Top serviceable eccentric and hydraulic pistons are faster, more efficient and safer than a traditional bottom service gyratory crusher
  • Threadless mainshaft design improves strength by minimizing peak stresses during demanding crushing operations
  • Custom chamber profiles for each application, and your requirements
  • Integral mainshaft lifting eye ensures that it is never misplaced
  • Grease spider lubrication is simpler than an oil lubrication and easier to maintain
  • Bronze spider bushing provides improved life and better impact resistance than a cast iron spider bushing
  • Top shell wear plates are designed to be easily replaceable, better fit and faster dump pocket clean-out
  • Pressurised dust seal minimises particle ingress and ensures that oil stays clean of contaminations
  • Bottom shell view ports allow maintenance personnel to view crusher shell liners and check for wear
  • FLSmidth utilises identical oil in both its hydraulic and lubrication systems, ensuring that if cross-contamination occurs there is no need to flush out the system

Optional features

The Gyratory Crusher TS also includes the following optional features:

  • Drive motor
  • Drive guard
  • Dump pocket seal
  • PLC automation system
  • Specialty maintenance tools
  • Split shells
  • Countershaft extension
  • Ultra duty for very hard ores
  • Torque limiting coupling
  • Custom wear components
  • Crusher stations
  • Mobile
  • Stationary
  • Semi-mobile

The traditional service cart can be replaced by a simple access way for inspection and service of the discharge bin, reducing costs and lowering the total height.

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