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  • Consistent high quality
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Increased durability
  • Increased longevity
  • Customer service and support

We provide solutions, support and high performance parts and liners for your Metso® MP™ crushers

You need durable, top-quality spare parts that get you running quickly. We go further, working with customers like you to find solutions to common crusher problems.

Our MP liner solution

We developed our liners for the MP cone crushers by working with a mine that was having difficulty achieving and maintaining their crusher’s CSS. After analysing their crushing circuit, we found that redesigning the liner profile would address the problem.


After implementing our liner solution, the plant was able to maintain their CSS. This result enabled the customer to remove recirculating load from the pebble circuit and free up capacity in the SAG mill. In the end, a simple liner change allowed the customer to increase the mill throughput by 3.5%, significantly improving their overall plant production and profits.



  Key performance
  indicator (KPI)

  Baseline throughput   FLSmidth solution   Results 
 Milling circuit capacity  3,500 mtph  3,500 mtph      ----
 Pebble recirculating %  22% @ 16mm (150 mtph)  8.5% @ 16mm (52 mtph)  -65% (-101 mtph)
 Pebble load %  20% (700 mtph)  17.5% (615 mtph)  -12.5% (-85 mtph)
 Mill discharge circuit  2.730 mtph  2,829 mtph  +3.5% (+99 mtph)

It is not just a liner, it's an improvement

We redesigned the bowl and mantle liners for Metso® MP™ cone crushers to increase the production of your equipment. Our new design is a success, giving you improved performance and increased throughput. The higher quality of our liners also means that you get more durability and reliability. Our goal is to design and manufacture solutions for our customers and we do that with the same commitment to design and quality that we put toward our own FLSmidth crushers.

Our re-engineering process

We treat field operators who encounter equipment problems as the experts that they are and learn from them what problems need to be solved. We work with them in the field to develop safer, better-performing solutions. Our advancements come because our engineers refuse to accept machinery limitations as inevitable.


Once we improve the design of parts where possible, we then dedicate unique foundry, machining and manufacturing processes to get the highest level of precision. It should be no surprise that when your replacement part is flawless, it lasts longer and works better.

Our solution to eliminate bushing migration

Bushing migration happens when a retention cap screw fails or the flange of the lower head bushing breaks. Our lower head bushing retention system eliminates bushing migration.

A steel retainer ring at the bottom of the head stops the bushing from moving downward and rotating in the bore. Segmented flanges on the lower head bushing correspond to the locking features in the steel retaining ring. Partial-thread cap screws allow a section without thread in the shear zone where the head and steel retainer ring meet.



Better parts that last longer, backed by premium support

Our cone crusher parts improve your business while they get your equipment back up and running. With our exceptional customer service, you’ll always have the right resources to get the best parts solutions.

Unparalleled Quality

You can rely on our parts because of our exacting quality protocols. Each individual part is inspected and certified to exactly match the specifications before it is shipped. We have earned our reputation because we dedicate more time and people to our final inspections than any of our competitors.


Higher Quality means less maintenance for you

When your replacement parts can go longer between maintenance shutdowns, you get more operating hours out of the entire crusher. Your maintenance operators will cheer when they can spend their time on other equipment, and with your crusher running longer, your budget will thank you, too.

Durability and longevity—make a heading at the same level as Unparalleled Quality

Our cone crusher components are designed to hold up under tough conditions and outlast the original parts. We are confident in the longevity of our components because we focus on excellence during every step of the process, from the design through manufacturing. Whether you are looking for an assembly or something that seems simple like a nut or bushing, you can trust the EXCEL™ brand.



Customer support that shows we care about your success

We are dedicated to getting you the parts that you need quickly. Our customer support department is ready to answer your technical questions, help you find part numbers, check inventory and assist you in any other way you need.

Wide range of replacement parts to transform your cone crusher

Your compression crusher keeps your business successful. Let us keep your equipment operating effectively. Designed by industry experts, our spare parts give you a full selection of replacement options.

Component identification

Whatever part you are looking for, our spare parts specialists can help you. We have a wide array of selections that we have improved and manufacture to your crusher’s specifications. And we expand our selection as we solve additional problems for customers like you.


We provide spare parts, bowl liners and mantle liners for the following Metso® MP™-Series cone crushers: MP800™, MP1000™ and MP1250™


Download the full component identification poster



  Look through our product line of spare parts for your Metso® crushers.  If you do not see the part
  that you are looking for, please contact our crusher spare parts specialists.

 Adjustment cap and ring  Countershaft box cover  Main frame pin & bushing and seat liner
 Arm guard  Eccentric bushing  Main shaft
 Bowl  Feed hopper and plate  Socket and socket liner
 Clamping cylinder  Gear  T-seal
 Counterweight  Head ball  Thrust bearing and washer
 Countershaft  Hydraulic drive unit  Torch ring
 Countershaft box bushing  Locking bolt  Tramp release cylinder
 Countershaft box guard  Lower head bushing  U-seal
 Countershaft pinion  Main frame liner  Upper head bushing


We also support cone crusher components for the HP-Series and the GP-Series.

Metso® and MP™ are trademarks of Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. or its affiliates. FLSmidth is not an authorized repair facility nor does it have an affiliation with Metso. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by Metso of FLSmidth. All parts are manufactured by, for and warranted by FLSmidth Inc. – Pekin Operations and are not manufactured by, purchased from or warranted by the original equipment manufacturer.

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