Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Increased durability
  • Enhanced performance

Improved parts for Omnicone® aggregate and rock crushers

Discover the difference re-engineered replacement parts and liners can make in your existing crusher to increase performance and decrease maintenance.

We offer a wide range of parts for the Omnicone® cone crusher that are all designed to keep your crusher operating longer and more efficiently. With our help, your crusher can go longer between maintenance shutdowns and you will need fewer replacement parts over the life of your equipment. Our CNC machines, expert machinists and inspection lab personnel focus on ensuring that every replacement part meets our exacting specifications and fits your equipment without any modifications.


The images below represent a few of the parts and assemblies that we offer. Please contact us if you don’t see the part you are looking for.

Improved results with our spare parts for Omnicone® cone crushers

Rather than selling crusher parts that duplicate the OEM’s design, our team of engineers set out to improve parts whenever they can. After spending countless hours on development and testing, we have created cone crusher parts that outperform and outlast the original parts without requiring any equipment modifications. All of this means you will enjoy greater returns on the operation of your existing equipment.


With all of our attention to making improved designs fit in the same way as the original parts, it is easy to for you to test the parts for yourself. Don’t just replace broken or worn parts—improve them with our high quality EXCEL cone crusher parts.

Main Frame / Adjustment Ring / Bowl Assemblies

We re-engineer some parts we sell to improve longevity, durability and ease of use. For example, our redesigned adjustment ring has increased rigidity and a longer life than the OEM adjustment ring.

  • Main Frame & Liner
  • Adjustment Cap
  • Dust Shell & Seal 
  • Main Frame Pin
  • Bowl
  • Adjustment Ring
  • Main Shaft
  • Adapter Ring
  • Adj. Ring Bushing
  • Thrust Washer
  • Bowl Hardware
  • Dust Collar
  • U-Seal
  • Dust Collar Seal

Head and Socket / Eccentric Assemblies

Our parts are made in Pekin, Illinois, USA. We have been pouring and machining brass, and bronze components for over 100 years and we specialize in high quality metal parts that are made to exacting standards. Whether your needed part is brass, bronze or steel you can be confident that we will machine it to perform better than the original OEM part.


  •  Head
  •  Socket
  •  Gear
  •  Head Ball 
  •  T-Seal
  •  Eccentric
  •  Head Bushing
  •  Counterweight
  •  Thrust Bearing
  •  Socket Liner
  •  Eccentric Bushing

Lock Nut / Hydraulic Assemblies

Many items we manufacture and sell are stocked and READY for immediate shipping to limit downtime. We understand that getting your rock or aggregate cone crusher running again is of upmost importance, and we are here for you. Our customer service is ready to answer your questions and assist you to find the best solution for your needs.


  • Feed Plate
  • Bowl Adjustment Ram
  • Cover
  • Clamping Cylinder
  • Locking Nut
  • Tramp Release Cylinder
  • Torch Ring

Enjoy consistent durability, high performance and quality

Our aggregate and rock crusher parts provide important benefits that cause them to do more while costing you less.

Consistent high quality parts you can count on
We provide consistent high quality and high performance cone crusher parts. With our experience and the exacting quality standards, you can rely on us to keep your Omnicone® crusher operating.


Increased durability

Our cone crusher parts are built to last. Reduce your downtime, maintenance and repair costs with parts that are more reliable than the OEM parts you are used to.


Enhanced performance

Let your part replacement improve your existing aggregate or rock crusher by using our high quality EXCEL replacement parts. Our parts provide better, more efficient performance to keep your business going strong.

Omnicone Cone Crusher parts – EXCEL Design Advantages

Think long-term when selecting replacement parts for your rock crushers. We have redesigned crusher parts to increase durability, simplify maintenance, reduce downtime and (most importantly) improve safety.

We offer repair and spare cone crusher parts for the following Omnicore® crusher models: 
937™  -  1144™  -  1352™  -  1560™


Learn more about some of the ways we have redesigned the Omnicone crusher parts by looking at the details of two example parts. For additional information about the spare and replacement parts you need, contact our crusher parts specialist.

Feed Distribution Plate

Improved fit

Excess clearance in the fit of the feed plates can cause them to come loose and even move out of position during operation, potentially resulting in serious damage to the crusher. We have eliminated this safety concern by using zinc-plated, oversized bolts and minimal clearances to hold the feed plates securely in place.


Longer Wear life with Work Hardening

Shutting down operations to replace wear parts is expensive, so we focus on increasing wear life. We make our deadbed feed plates out of manganese steel and design them to work-harden during use. When your feed plates get stronger as you operate, you can get more crushing done between each maintenance shutdown.


Better feed distribution and more reliable operation

We created a domed feed plate that clears the feed opening to improve feed distribution and simultaneously decrease the occurrence of bridging and wedging. When your material reliably enters the crushing chamber in a well-distributed manner without large pieces getting stuck, the performance of the entire operation increases. These high-performing feed plates will accept hard surfacing with minimal risk of cracking or other damage because they are made of medium carbon steel.


Countershaft box guard -

Minimise Wear and Damage

The countershaft box is too critical to trust a lower-quality guard for protection. We have developed an improved guard design to minimise countershaft box wear and damage at a low cost. We extended the conventional model an extra 100 mm (4 in) toward the flywheel, providing over 40% more surface protection without any modifications to the crusher. With the help of our extended, higher-quality guard, your countershaft box will last longer


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