Minerals research and development for better products and results


Our minerals research and development efforts evolve with the industry. As your trusted supplier, our main aim is to continually develop products and solutions that bring you the results you need to thrive in today’s changing environment. In an effort to serve you better and remain on the leading edge of technology, we strive to launch at least one new main machinery, process invention or improvement every year.


The Minerals Testing and Research Center houses the FLSmidth Minerals Research and Development Group. This group focuses its efforts on improving existing process and unit operations technologies, as well as developing ideas and proving concepts that will take FLSmidth into new technology areas.


Combatting high energy costs and stringent emissions standards


We understand that energy prices continue to climb and emission standards are ever becoming more strict, particularly in international markets. Because of these and other challenges, we consistently invest in minerals research and development to provide you with the solutions you need to run a successful operation.


Our research and development efforts take place all over the world, with major activities occurring in Denmark, the United States and India. Additionally, we constantly seek to acquire or partner with companies that share our values and dedication to technological expertise.


It’s apparent that alternative fuel solutions are in great demand. This is what drives our focus on sustainability and energy conservation in our research and development efforts. We develop products that are capable of using alternative fuels and recycling waste in a number of different ways.


In addition to protecting the environment and handling waste products, the use of alternative fuel also offers financial benefits. Rising energy costs and increasingly stringent environmental and energy restrictions make alternative fuel one of the most important factors in decreasing costs.


Safety and quality


Complete commitment to safety and quality is the foundation principle that confirms our personnel are safe, our equipment is used properly and our data is sound. We take safety seriously, whether working in our laboratories or conducting tests in the field. Rigorous quality assurance programs provide the accuracy and precision in test results that you demand. We hold quality, environmental and safety ISO certifications. This superior combination of facility, equipment, personnel and procedures means you can trust us for complete minerals testing and process development.

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