• Increase availability and reliability
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Greater understanding of equipment conditions
  • Reduce OPEX
  • Peace of mind and stress-free maintenance planning

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Continuous monitoring for continuous operations

With equipment in continuous use, damage can happen at any time. While visual inspections are important to provide broad, contextualised operational insights, relying only on intermittent site visits puts you at risk of missing the early warning signs that could enable you to drastically reduce both downtime and expenses. Online condition monitoring is a continuous service that enables you to detect potential failures well in advance, giving you plenty of time to take preventative action and avoid actual failure.

For most mining operations, maintenance activities are planned either according to a fixed schedule or in reaction to a problem. But all too often, the problem is noticed too late – or overlooked entirely – and the fallout is far more disruptive than it needs to be. Our online condition monitoring services enable you to be more proactive with your maintenance strategy, so that you can maximise uptime and minimise maintenance costs.

How can you achieve optimum maintenance?​ Data + Technology + Expertise

Early detection, swift action


Wear. Misalignment. Excessive vibrations. All these symptoms warn you that damage is imminent. In many cases, when the visible symptoms appear, it is already much too late for an ‘easy’ fix. By contrast, sensors on your equipment are able to capture data that may be otherwise ‘invisible. Our online condition monitoring services connect this data to the cloud where it is continuously monitored and trended. If something is wrong, an alarm notifies our team of experts who are able to analyse the data remotely and develop a recommended action plan to rectify the fault well ahead of it escalating. It’s a low-stress, low-cost, low-risk approach to maintenance that offers high returns. 


More than just data


The value of online condition monitoring services is not only in the data that’s gathered – it’s in the interpretation of that data by our experts. We use our plant and technology experiences to add context to the numbers, assessing what is meaningful and what requires action and returning those insights to you in  practical recommendations.

Taking advantage of evolving technology

Industry 4.0 is here, and many site assets are already connected. We are continuously working on new ideas and solutions to take advantage of all the potential offered by the Internet of Things (IoT). Our advanced diagnostics software is a key component of this package. AI and machine learning tools enable real-time tracking and trending of data in a way that would not be otherwise be possible.  

We offer human expertise, powered by technology

We leverage our 140 years of product and process knowledge through digital technology and onsite visits, to ensure that our customers get the best service, at the right time and in a simple manner.

This knowledge is based upon 2300 assets connected worldwide, 20 years of remote support to our customers and 8 years of online condition monitoring experience.

Proactive maintenance starts with online condition monitoring services

Online condition monitoring services offer incredible possibilities to enhance equipment efficiency, reduce operating costs, eliminate unplanned downtime and run a more sustainable operation.

Already, we have online condition monitoring service solutions for the following assets:

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