Wear coating to withstand wear from sliding abrasion duties

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Wear coating for your mining industry applications

For over a century, FLSmidth has been improving the mining and cement industries by offering high-quality solutions to the most costly and widely encountered problems. Now, with leading innovations in wear resistant coating, we are helping reduce repair costs and maintenance down time. Our wear coating options are extremely durable, and are ideal for any equipment or machinery surface regularly exposed to wear from sliding abrasion.

Our wear coating adheres to almost any clean, dry surface, including metal, ceramic, rubber and concrete. Our wear resistant coating also features a cure rate that makes fast application and turnaround a reality.

With wear coating from FLSmidth, you will be protecting the machinery that keeps you in business, while also improving your throughput and reducing your environmental footprint. This means lower costs, higher productivity and less of an impact on the world around you.

We offer wear resistant coating options effective for use with a variety of equipment, including:

§   Pump casing repairs

§   Centrifuges

§   Screen bowels

§   Vibrating screens

§   Thickeners

§   Flotation tanks

§   Silos

§   Pipes, elbows, tee junctions and launders worn by abrasive slurries

§   Chutes and surfaces worn by sliding abrasion

§   Chutes where light impact is present

§   Paste backfill applications

§   Any surface where sliding abrasion with light impact causes wear

The FLSmidth wear coating product line includes

§   WEAR MAX® epoxy ceramic

§   WEAR-RESIST™ epoxy ceramic


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