Key Benefits

  • Long wear life
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low maintenance

High quality, fully customisable Rubber Expansion Joints

Your piping is essential to your equipment and your business. At the same time, your piping needs are unique. Finding the right solutions to specific pipe-related problems can be difficult. FLSmidth offers a reliable solution.

Correct misaligned pipeline connections and dampen harmful vibrations with our Rubber Expansion Joints. Enjoy low maintenance and exceptional wear life; each Rubber Expansion Joint is crafted with rugged, sturdy, long lasting rubber that assists in vibration dampening and easily outlasts most other options. And because extreme environments are where durability matters the most, these Rubber Expansion Joints are also very resistant to corrosion during a wide range of temperatures, and offer reduced stress due to extension and contraction.


As fully customised solutions, the Rubber Expansion Joints can fit whatever specific piping needs you have, whether that is air conditioning, industrial application, ventilation, petrochemical handling, marine services, water or sewage systems or other piping systems. They are suitable for the following fluids: water, air, warm water, seawater, weak acids and alkalies and more.

Rubber Expansion Joints provide longevity, resistance and low cost

Long wear life
Cut down on downtime. Rubber Expansion Joints have rugged, hardwearing fabrication in a wide range of elastomers, for extended pipe wear.
High corrosion resistance
Keep your equipment running even in the harshest situations. Supreme resistance to corrosion in a wide range of temperatures is a hallmark of our Rubber Expansion Joints.
Reduced maintenance costs
Reduce expenses and improve throughout. These Rubber Expansion Joints require low maintenance and provide reduced turbulence and sediment build-up.

Rubber Expansion Joints crafted for longevity and quality

FLSmidth Rubber Expansion Joints carry the following features and their associated benefits:

FLSmidth Rubber Expansion Joints carry the following features and their associated benefits:

  • Standard single arch-moulded joint construction
  • Neoprene inner lining cover and coating
  • High tensile synthetic ply reinforcement
  • Length tailored to accomodate a range of movement differentials

The quality materials and workmanship that go into our Rubber Expansion Joints — and all of our products — are what gives them such longevity. Including:


Hypalon Cover Coating

Provides extra protection against ozone, weather and the environment.


Elastomer Cover

Made from natural, neoprene, nitrile, butyl, hypalon and EPDM to resist the atmosphere’s effects.


Deep and Wide Arch

Provides controlled resilience at the hinge point with maximum movement.


Reinforcing Rings

Made of heavy-duty solid steel and embedded in elastomer for maximum pressure and vacuum service.


Elastomer Filter

Used between reinforcing rings to absorb vibration, sound and electrolysis.


Body Fabric

High tensile elastomer impregnated synthetic fabric. Product design pressure (positive/ negative) may determine the use of other fabrics depending on the relationship of fabric plies to the body Reinforcing Rings.


Extra Flange Plies

Built-in for greater strength and integrity between body and flanges.


Backing Flanges

Made from mild steel, galvanised or stainless steel on request.


Control Unit Assemblies

Prevents over-extension of expansion joints.

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