Key Benefits

  • Maximum service life
  • Extensive support
  • Reliable overload protection

What sets our drive units apart

Your operation depends on the effectiveness of your thickening and clarifying processes, and those processes require optimal equipment solutions backed by top-quality components.  Our thickener and clarifier drives are specifically designed for the loads and torque loadings inherent in sedimentation equipment.

Our extensive experience in gear design and manufacturing combines leading technology with computerised parametric data to produce a complete line of application-engineered drive units. We maintain complete control over the quality, materials and manufacture of our drive heads. The superior design of our drive units ensures:



  • High output torque
  • Maximum service life
  • Support for the mechanism and its operating loads
  • Reliable overload protection
  • Allowance for lift capability


For our standard thickener range, we also offer our proprietary LinkLift drive, with a high-efficiency planetary gearbox.


What our drive units can do for you 

Maximum service life
The longer the drive unit can operate between maintenance, repair and replacement downtime, the more you can get out of your equipment. Our drive units are designed using extensive industry experience for optimal durability, so that you can enjoy the best possible throughput.
Extensive support
Our drive units are backed by knowledgeable FLSmidth support services, so you always have the right solutions to fit your needs. 
Reliable overload protection
Keep your valuable equipment safe; our drive units features industry-leading overload protection. This ensures that your machinery is operating at optimal capacity, without the dangers that come from over loading.   

Technology for any application

Our drive units

  • We have drives with torques ranging up to 13,500,000 Nm – enough to meet almost any process requirement.
  • Our drives are available using either electric or hydraulic motors. 


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