Key Benefits

  • Space-saving
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Long service life
  • Cost-effective

Our cost-effective knife gate actuators valve for reliable isolation anywhere

Do you need a valve that is cost-effective and yet still delivers the same KREBS quality? Look no further. Our TGW Wafer Style Knife Gate Valves are the premium valves you have sought for years.

TGW Wafer style knife gate valve

This narrow-body valve is simple to install, featuring the same face-to-face dimensions that are typically found throughout the industry.


Offered in many different actuator options including, air cylinder (to include option for manual over-ride, low air supply and spring return), handwheel, bevel gear, hydraulic, and electric

knife gate valve

Proven design

The TGW series Knife Gate Valve is bi-directional and best suited for the abrasive applications that are often encountered in the mining and industrial industries. It is one of very few in the market that has been specifically designed for your most demanding applications.


Its replaceable elastomer sleeves offer the latest technology in a reliable sealing solution.

The sleeves fully line the body of the valve ensuring no steel components come in contact with the slurry.


With no packing gland, we also have eliminated the associated actuation issues caused by slurry build-up and dewatering in and around the packing gland.  It also allows the gate to eject material out of the bottom during actuation, so you can be sure of full gate closure and a reliable seal. The gate is fully out of the pipeline when open. This minimises pressure drop across the valve.


Long Life

The heavy duty design allows you to replace the spare parts and keep the valve body, prolonging the overall wear life of the valve.

Long service life and easy maintenance - in one space-saving wafer valve!

TGW Valves are able to isolate flow in demanding conditions where space is limited, requiring smaller face-to-face flange dimensions.
Keep your crews safe with the valve safety features that are offered for all of our valves - reducing hazards during installation and maintenance.
Keep your operation running smoothly and keep your valve in service longer with our replaceable wear sleeves and universal yoke (frame) design. Longer wear life and faster maintenance means less downtime.
Longer service life
KREBS Valves are designed to provide years of reliable performance, without breaking down. Many upgrades are supplied as standard features!

Consider your return-on-investment in reduced downtime for replacement and maintenance. In particular, the longer your valves last, the lower their cost of ownership, as you enjoy years of dependable service.

Our KREBS knife gate valve line offers advanced standard features!

The TGW is our Wafer Style Slurry Knife Gate Valve designed specifically for lighter duty in abrasive applications. It features a full-port, open-body design, which allows the gate to create a path for solids to exit through the bottom of the valve as it passes between the elastomer sleeves reducing the possibility of jamming. The sleeves compress to provide a 100% bubble-tight seal, resulting in zero downstream leakage when the valve is in the fully open or the fully closed position.

Flush ports

We have added flush ports to the valve housing to assist in keeping the housing area free of build-up.


Wiper / Secondary seal

A newly designed wiper assembly completely surrounds the gate assisting in redirecting the solids out the bottom cavity of the housing during actuation.  For easy maintenance, the wiper blade is field-replaceable without removing the valve from its installed location.


Grease Ports

The grease ports have been strategically positioned to aide in easy grease distribution.

Standard features

  • Dust boot and stem covers
  • High strength stainless steel gate clevis
  • Packing-less design
  • Epoxy-coated cast ductile iron body
  • Replaceable wear sleeves
  • Upgraded fluorocarbon coated gate
  • Upgraded zinc-plated hardware
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Machined gate guide
  • Composite air cylinder tube
  • Cylinder supplied with internal ring magnet so that reed type limit switches can be used
  • Frames can accept any type of actuator

Optional features - installed at our factory

  • Actuator options: air cylinder (to include option for manual over-ride, low air supply and spring return), handwheel, bevel gear, hydraulic, electric, chain wheel
  • Multiple elastomer options to suit customer's specific applications, including pure gum rubber, chlorobutyl, neoprene, nitrile and EPDM
  • Splash guards
  • Lock-outs
  • Gate guards
  • Wide variety of limit switch options
  • Solenoid valves
  • Air filter / Pressure regulators
  • Pre-wired junction boxes
  • Many more accessory options available


Series TGW
Size range 2" - 24" (50 mm - 600 mm)
Valve type Wafer knife gate
Body style Narrow body integral housing
Temperature range
-60F to 300F (-51C to 149C)
Pressure rating Up to 150 PSI
Body material Cast ductile iron, 2 coat epoxy painted
Gate material 17-4PH stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, C276 hastelloy, 2507 SAF
Seat material Gum rubber, high temp EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, chlorobutyl
Duty Heavy duty abrasive applications

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