Key Benefits

  • Long-lasting design
  • Cost efficient
  • Convenient functionality
  • Doesn't require extra hiring

Get long-lasting results with Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pumps

There are many pump design flaws that result in extra costs and lost time for your operation. When models can’t withstand the intense functions of a pump, they need to be replaced often. Or at least parts will need to be replaced often.

The Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump has an extra heavy duty construction that makes it long-lasting, alleviating the potential costs of pump or part replacement. As a positive displacement diaphragm pump, it functions more smoothly, reducing friction to prevent common wear on parts.

Many operations spend extra money on high-horsepower motors to power their pumps. The Dorrco Pump doesn’t need a lot of horsepower to function well. It can perform with the energy from a standard electric motor.

Certain common pump functions can be inconvenient and time-consuming. For instance, most pumps don’t allow you to adjust the flow rate without first turning the pump off. The Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump’s stroke can be adjusted, and therefore its flow rate, while the pump is still running. It’s also typical for pumps to only allow installation on a tank-based level. This can be frustrating for an operation that worries about flooding or startup problems from their pump. The Dorrco Pump can be installed externally. If best for your operation, it can be adjacent to the thickener on the liquid level. You’ll also no longer need to worry about flooding or startup problems.


Installing a pump often forces an operation to hire an engineer to run the pump. Costs like this can add up and feel taxing. The Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump is designed to be simple enough for already-existing operators to handle in addition to their current responsibilities. Its stroke adjustment handwheel and calibrated stroke indicator make it easy to continuously manage its operation.


We offer two models of the Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump to best match your environment. Each model also has different sizes to choose from. When choosing between the two models, you’ll want to consider your thickener’s flow and how important careful handling of the material is for your operation.

  • The VM Model
    This model is ideal if you’re working with a thickener that flows between 9 and 90 gpm. It also handles slurries more carefully. In instances of green liquor in pulp mills or acids in chemical processes, the VM may best suit your needs. It also offers a completely enclosed pumping system to avoid splashes. In general, it’s a tidier pump.
  • The W Model
    The W model is ideal if your thickener flows are larger, between 40 and 600 gpm. If you want minimal maintenance or you’re dealing with an especially abrasive slurry, the W model is most likely your best option. 

Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pumps: Designed for results

Long-lasting design
An extra heavy duty construction keeps the pump intact through its activity. As a positive displacement diaphragm pump its action is smoother, keeping parts from wearing out quickly. 
Cost efficient
Many pumps require a motor with high horsepower. But the Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump only needs a standard electric motor to function.
Convenient functionality
It’s often necessary to turn off a pump when you want to adjust the flow rate. This Diaphragm Pump allows you to adjust the stroke to vary the discharge rate while the pump is running. Pumps also have to be installed on a tank-base level. The Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump, however, can be installed externally near the thickener at liquid level.
Doesn't require extra hiring
The Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump doesn’t require its own engineer to run the pump. The stroke adjustment handwheel and stroke indicator make it simple to check on pumping operations.

Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pumps: The technology behind the results

VM Model

The VM model handles slurries carefully, and it’s best equipped to handle flows between 9 and 90 gpm. To best meet your operation’s environment, the VM model is available in either 2” or 4”.


How the VM Model works

To accomplish a smooth pump, the VM model has been meticulously designed. There are two pumping chambers in the VM with their own suction and discharge valve. The crank pushes the connecting rod which uses a rocking member to move the pump’s plungers. It can often take time and manpower to maintain and operate pumps. The Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump has a calibrated stroke indicator dial and pointer which allow operators to easily make stroke adjustments. These designs also allow for the stroke of the plunger rod and the rate of discharge to be adjusted while the pump is operating.


How the VM Model saves money

Most heavy-duty pumps require motors with high horsepower to drive them. High horsepower motors are typically expensive and difficult to replace. The Dorrco’s design allows its V-belt sheaves and gear train to effect all speed reduction. This enables a standard motor to drive the Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pump.


The VM Model’s long-lasting design

Adjustments have been made to the Dorrco’s design to prevent the usual wear from friction and low-quality materials. All of the pump’s bearings are anti-friction, ball type. Additionally, the castings are made of Meehanite, a semi-steel that endures longer than conventional cast iron. The diaphragm lasts longer as well because of a unique design that prevents excessive wear.


W Model

The W model is an extension of the VM, and is similar in certain ways. However, its differences allow for even more intense thickeners. The W model comes in 6” and 8”.


How the W Model works

The pumping methods differ between the VM and the W. The W pump’s design permits slurry to fill the cavity below its diaphragm as the diaphragm is lifted. Then, when the diaphragm is lowered, the inlet opening is sealed. When the pressure builds up, the top valve opens in response.


How the W Model saves money

Even though the W model can handle heavy duty slurries, it doesn’t require an expensive motor. Both Dorrco Diaphragm Slurry Pumps can run on a standard electric motor. Now a pump can do its job without costing your operation the price of an expensive, high-horsepower motor.


The W Model’s long-lasting design

The W shares many of the VM model’s effective designs against wear. Roller bearings and cranks prevent friction and increase mechanical efficiency. The discharge spouts are also lined with rubber to prevent wear. The W’s diaphragms are also made to be easily replaced.


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