Key Benefits

  • Expertly manufactured
  • Strong and reliable
  • Versatile configurations
  • All side tension hook options

High-quality Woven Wire Mesh ideal for all quarry and mining projects

Woven Wire Mesh can be used in many ways, making it the ideal product to meet your needs, from sifting and screening systems to security and building infrastructure.

This Woven Wire Mesh is sturdy and reliable, created from wire lengths that range in diameter from 0.016 mm (thinner than a human hair) to 12.5 mm. The different sizes mean our experts can create a variety of products in many shapes and configurations. No matter the level of strength or flexibility you seek, a customised product can be created to perfectly meet your needs.

You can expect the best because we use state-of-the-art equipment and several different types of metallic material to construct our Woven Wire Mesh. Whatever your project, there’s a suitable material available.

Advanced manufacturing methods are used to produce high-quality Woven Wire Mesh. We cut, bend, stretch, clean, plasma weld, weld, solder, punch, stamp, compress and form the product to make it truly superior to anything else on the market.

No matter how you will use the Woven Wire Mesh, you can have full confidence that this product will get the job done and provide outstanding results.

Woven Wire Mesh that offers versatility, strength and durability

Enjoy the flexibility of having Woven Wire Mesh customised just for your needs by our expert team:

Expertly manufactured

The mesh is made by qualified experts using the highest quality materials and high-tech machines to achieve precise dimensional control.

Strong and flexible

Because it can be made from wire of varied diameters to best suit your application, the Woven Wire Mesh can meet your operational needs.

Versatile configurations

Your project needs will always be fulfilled because the Woven Wire Mesh can be woven into any shape or size.

Put these top-of-the-line Woven Wire Mesh products to work

A range of materials goes into creating this high quality Woven Wire Mesh to ensure it meets your needs, including:

  • Steel: spring steel, bright and galvanised mild steels
  • Stainless steel: chromium steel, nickel chromium steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel and heat-resisting steel
  • Non-ferrous metal: aluminium, nickel, MONEL-Metal, phosphor bronze, brass and copper
  • Special materials: titanium, hastelloy and many others

The range of Woven Wire Mesh products include:

  • Standard rolls
  • Roll sections
  • Sheets with fixed dimensions
  • Hooked screens
  • Strips
  • Discs
  • Fabricated parts
  • Filter candles discs
  • Cones
  • Plates
  • Round sieves
  • Extruder screens

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