Key Benefits

  • Energy-efficient
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Accurate slots
  • Customised design

Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screens for quality screening performance

Looking for energy efficiency and accuracy in your screening? Tired of dealing with the costly consequences of abrasion and corrosion?

FLSmidth offers you the highest quality Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screens which are custom designed for applications in a wide range of industries – anything from mineral processing and coal washing plants to gold recovery and waste water processing.


The curved screen of a sieve bend provides greater capacity than flat wedge screens due to increased gravitational forces on material flowing against the curve.


Our quality sieve bend screens consist of a concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings either perpendicular to the flow (Cross Flow) or parallel to the flow (With Flow). In Cross Flow applications the profile wire is given a small tilt of a few degrees so that the material can run onto a sharp cutting edge to increase the screening efficiency. Once the sharp edges have worn away, the sieve bends can be rotated by 180 degrees so that material can once again run onto sharp edges. The sharp edges are naturally reformed on the trailing edge.   


Both wedge wire sieve bend units and replacement wedge wire sieve bend screens are available to suit your existing unit. The complete units come in a variety of designs to facilitate the need to rotate the screens by 180 degrees and some include pneumatic cylinders to assist with this process. Special wear linings can be incorporated in the feed box and under pans to extend the service life.

Energy-efficient, quiet, safe and rotatable screening

Customers continue to choose FLSmidth products because of our long-held experience and knowledge of screening processes.

The screens we supply are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) recommended so that they suit all our machines, with the added benefit that they can be used with other brands as well.


We know you need screens that don’t have pegging or blinding issues which reduce efficiencies so we have focused on ways to ensure the screens have optimum performance. In particular, the corners of the profile wires are made extra sharp to help cut the material as it runs over the screen. The slots are made as accurately as possible to ensure that the desired screening effect is achieved.  


You need screens that are operator-friendly and comply with all occupational health and safety standards. Our Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screens operate quietly and have no mechanical or electrical vibrations.


The profile wire screen resists clogging by near-size particles, and the screens can be replaced in 10 minutes with no special tools, meaning less downtime for your plant.
The screens have an energy-efficient operation with no moving parts or energy input.
The stainless steel construction ensures a long, corrosion-free lifespan.
Customised design
We can size the screens to your specific applications.
Wear resistant
The stainless steel construction is ideal for minimising wear in wet abrasive environments where abrasion and corrosion can sometimes work together in a synergistic effect to wear parts out faster.

Customise your clog-resistant Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screens

Want a low cost, superior quality, sieve bend screen? Switch to FLSmidth screens and notice the quality difference.

  • Fully welded
  • Available in any radius, width and angle combination. The most common sizes are 1018 mm radius x 45 degrees and 2036 mm radius x 45 degrees
  • Available with end bars and/or side bars
  • Built to any slot size ranging from 0.05 mm to 20 mm
  • Highly accurate slots
  • Available in “With Flow” or “Cross Flow” configurations
  • Available in a variety of profile wires with varying head widths and relief angles for the best dewatering performance to service-life ratio
  • Available with different size support rods to cater for load bearing requirements
  • Extra sharp corners on the profile wire heads to enhance dewatering performance
  • Supplied with lifting points to improve lifting safety
  • Available in a variety of different grade stainless steels
  • Supplied with an “Initial Flow Direction Arrow” painted on the screen surface so the user knows which way to install the screen to benefit from the sharp cutting edge of the tilted profile wires.

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