Key Benefits

  • Custom designs to suit your operations
  • Minimises pegging and blinding
  • Reduces the frequency of maintenance

Highly accurate design for improved performance

Our polyurethane tension mats have been specially designed to reduce pegging and blinding and to help you avoid unplanned downtime.

Customised for your application


We spent years researching and developing our mats so that we can offer design customisation for applications. Now you can be sure that your mat was built with the precise relief angle that is best suited for your operation. With our high quality manufacturing processes to back the unique designs, the accuracy and reliability of your mat will minimise the risk of begging and blinding to reduce the frequency of screen failure.


Common applications


LUDODECK Polyurethane Tension Mats come in a range of designs and can be as customised as your specifications require. They are especially suited to scalping, mineral processing and aggregate processing.


The mats have a long life when screening materials such as:

  • Quartz

  • Silicon

  • Sand

  • Gravel


Why polyurethane?

Polyurethane mats offer the same elasticity as rubber mats but allow for much greater accuracy and are more resistant to wear. The result is more precise screening and a longer lasting mat. Our newest grade of polyurethane media was developed as we partnered with a trusted prepolymer supplier to combine the physical properties of rubber and polyurethane elastomers. This new addition to our offered materials has been proven in the field to be tough and long lasting even under harsh operating conditions.


As a leading supplier of mineral processing equipment, we have many years of experience with the advantages and limitations of each grade of polyurethane so that we can provide media recommendations that are as customised as your processes.


Factors affecting screening media selection

  • Mineral type, size, physical characteristics and chemical properties

  • Operating conditions

  • Throughput

  • Optimum screening efficiency

  • Optimum open area for maximum efficiency and throughput

  • Target wear life

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Mat media design in relation to mass, securing system and apertures



Media selection optimisation assistance

Our media optimisation assistance works to improve production because we start with an array of the highest quality polyurethane options and then we perform an in-depth analysis of your product, feed and operating conditions to determine the best material for you.



DEM software

As part of our efforts to help you select the best grade of polyurethane for your needs, we use technological tools such as discrete element method (DEM) software. We use the software to simulate pulp flows through the surface of your mat. With this information we can project the discharge rate, wear patterns and material distribution over the mat.


With the combination of our experience and DEM projections, we optimise:

  • Media selection to reduce panel wear and increase screen life

  • Deflectors positioning for improved mineral distribution

  • Feed impact condition and screening efficiency to increase the screen capacity

  • Screening efficiency


In the end, this process reduces your operating and maintenance costs.



The FLSmidth difference

Following years of work through our research and development program, we can ensure our mats are designed and built with the correct relief angle to suit each application – a promise that is backed by our high-quality manufacturing processes. The accuracy and reliability of these mats will minimise the risk of pegging and blinding and reduce the frequency of stoppages due to screen failures.

Best suited to:

Produced in a range of designs, LUDODECK Polyurethane Tension Mats can be customised to suit your needs. They are especially suited to scalping, mineral processing and aggregate processing.

Better screening results, longer life with Polyurethane Tension Mats

Do you want a customised solution that perfectly suits your business needs? Take advantage of the many benefits that our polyurethane tension mats deliver.

Minimises pegging and blinding

We designed our mats to deliver the greatest possible accuracy to your screening operations. The innovative design will reduce the frequency of pegging and blinding and help to increase the performance of your plant.

Reduces the frequency of maintenance

The durability of the tension mats, along with the reduced risk of pegging and blinding, reduces the frequency of screen media failure. With the optimal design and media selection for your process, you’ll be able to keep your operations online longer to increase output and reduce costs.

Custom designs to suit your operations

Our mats are available in a wide range of apertures and thicknesses so they can conveniently be customised to suit light, medium or heavy-duty applications without delays. Having an optimised design and media does not need to cost significant time or money.

A long-lasting, customisable screening solution

LUDODECK Polyurethane Tension Mats are designed to meet the needs of your business. They are long lasting, highly accurate and available in multiple configurations.

Square and slotted apertures

Designed to be flexible to the needs of your business, the tension mats are available in both square and slotted apertures and at thicknesses of 20 mm, 24.5 mm and 30 mm. Apertures are cast, not punched, meaning inherent relief angles provide reduced pegging and blinding.



To add greater toughness and durability, our polyurethane tension mats are reinforced and incorporate stainless steel hooks. This helps reduce wear, maintains tension and extends the life of the mats to lower the risk of screen failures.

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