Key Benefits

  • Secure fixing method
  • High open area
  • User-friendly system

An advanced, efficient screening solution

Take a step towards greater profitability with the LUDODECK Bolted Pin System. Developed using the know-how of our engineers, it is an efficient modular polyurethane screening surface that can operate on screening machines ranging from ‘G’ forces of three to 10.

This high-quality Bolted Pin System is available in rubber, polyurethane, perforated plate, wedge wire and wire screen configurations. It’s efficient, economical and has a high open area. This means maximum production capacity and throughput in your plant. 


Designed with customer satisfaction in mind, the Bolted Pin System is user-friendly and easy to install and remove.

Multiple applications

The LUDODECK Bolted Pin System is designed for use in multiple operations. It is ideal for:

  • Mining and quarrying
  • Industry screening
  • Applications
  • Sizing
  • Dewatering
  • Draining and rinsing
  • Desliming.

Secure, user-friendly screening

Do you want a safe, secure solution that is easy to use and will help you to lift throughput? The LUDODECK Bolted Pin System is designed to do just that – and to meet all the challenges faced by your operations.

Secure fixing method

Complex screen fixing methods can mean your screens are not only time consuming to install, the fixings can fail. This system is simple and secure, and suited to operate on a wide variety of screening machines with ‘G’ forces ranging from three to 10 or more.

High open area

Achieve the best production capacity per machine size with the LUDODECK Bolted Pin System and its high open area. Your plant will be able to operate more efficiently and productively, ultimately helping to bolster your bottom line.

User-friendly system

Do you want easy installation and maintenance for your operators? Our system’s holistic approach to the screen deck in which the screen frame is an integral part of the screening surface, helps to make this happen.

Advanced, patented technologies for your screening needs

We understand that you want to achieve outstanding screening results in the shortest possible time, and have designed the LUDODECK® Bolted Pin System to deliver just that. This includes the incorporation of a number of specially designed, patented features.


A mushroom shaped bush is spigoted into the disc top frame and ‘L’ bolted into position. It securely latches the panel to the frame to allow the machine to operate at a high ‘G’ force.

This ‘bolted’ assembly means you won’t need the over-size pins or sleeves that are necessary when utilising a traditional pin system.

Deflector caps

In this system, a patented dome-shaped deflector cap is secured into a groove in the panel to protect the L bolt assembly while deflecting the material being screened.

Offset apertures

The panels create the largest practical open area and, where possible, offset apertures are incorporated into the design to ensure the highest probability of screening by preventing highway fast tract of the product.

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