Key Benefits

  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Flexible configuration
  • Backed by FLSmidth advisory services

Flexible, reliable carbon filtration solutions - Carbon Safety Screens

Separating and recovering fine carbon out from wet feed material is a high-wear process. Filtration screens are subjected to near constant operation under extremely harsh conditions, often leading to increased maintenance, equipment failure, downtime and the increased costs that go along with it all. To offset these dangers, consider a carbon filtration solution that is as durable as it is effective — a Carbon Safety from FLSmidth.

Durability, ease of use, flexibility and productivity are the key ideas behind design of the FLSmidth Carbon Safety Screen. These screens are designed to be customizable to meet your unique equipment requirements. And once the screen is in place, you can expect improved productivity and throughput, all at reduced wear. The end result? Enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs and improved revenue overall.      


Usable in most applications, these screens come in a wide range of sizes, from 0.9m to 4.8m wide and up to 11.0m long. Carbon Screens are available in horizontal, multi-slope and inclined versions coupled with single-, double- and triple-deck configurations.

Carbon Safety Screens: durable, flexible, easy carbon recovery

Highly durable
Durability and reliability — fully huck-bolted assembly, and with continuous fillet welding and stress-relieving of all major fabricated parts, our Trash Screens are backed by FLSmidth’s full quality assurance and quality control system in line with world’s best practices.
Easy to use and maintain
Keep maintenance simple. All major Trash Screen components are computer generated to exact specifications, ensuring fast and simple installation, and spare parts that always fit with ease.
Flexible configuration
Get the solution that fits your needs. FLSmidth offers the largest size ranges of Trash Screens available — up to 4.8m wide and 11m long to achieve the maximum possible capacity.
Backed by FLSmidth advisory services

Take advantage of extensive industry knowhow. FLSmidth staff technical expertise is always available to advise on the optimum screen size and configuration.

Proven technology from experienced Carbon Safety Screen manufacturers

  • Wide range of sizes with widths - up to 4.8m wide and 11m long
  • High G-force operation of up to 5.0 for optimum screening efficiency
  • Floor mounted on galvanised steel coil springs to give up to 98% vibration isolation
  • Linear motion provided by the reliable ‘Honert Brute Force’ geared exciter
  • Suitable for a large range of screen media including modular panels, cross tensioned screen cloths and bolted screen panels
  • Available in single, double and triple deck configurations
  • Available in horizontal, multi-slope and inclined versions


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