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Pumping technology: feeding the lifeblood of your plant

Within a diverse number of industries, and especially in mining, pumps play a critical role in overall plant productivity. Using our vast experience in pumping technology, we understand your challenges with throughput, downtime, wear life and overall efficiency. That is why we provide complete slurry pumping solutions.

We have engineered our pumps to optimise your performance, maximise your wear life and efficiency, and lower your operating costs.

Abrasive slurries are common in most applications and create high wear in the pump interior. It is not uncommon for yearly parts costs to equal 50 percent of a pump’s original capital cost. We combat this problem through pump designs that will increase wear life and improve efficiency.

Our pumping innovations include the millMAX™ centrifugal slurry pump line that is designed for aggressive duties and include high pressure and high head options. The millMAX product family features a proprietary, patented suction-side sealing system that eliminates inefficient recirculation and the grinding of slurry. What’s more, millMAX is the ONLY pump line available that can eliminate both problems effectively.

Pumps range in suction diameter from 50 mm to 850 mm (2-in to 34-in). To give an idea of production capabilities, our largest pump will fill a 50-meter Olympic swimming pool in less than 15 minutes. A standard garden hose would take two to three months to do the same.

Long, predictable wear life 
Predictable life means matching your pumps to your maintenance cycles resulting less downtime, lower inventory requirements and fewer maintenance shutdowns.
Energy efficiency
Higher pumping efficiency reduces power consumption – and/or allows pumping greater volumes with the same motor size.
Easy pump adjustments and maintenance protect your workers from hazards.
Quick and reliable spare parts availability
With conveniently located Customer Service, Super Centres and Service Centres around the globe, we can quickly provide you with spare parts for your pumping operation.


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