Key Benefits

  • Improved operating expenses
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased safety 
  • Improved productivity

Optimising total cost of ownership with advanced predictive technology

Increase your site productivity and extend your equipment life. Our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Tool is a revolutionary predictive software package that will reliably forecast and optimise your operational and maintenance requirements.


The system allows us to collaborate with you, helping you to maximise your operational time, as well as predict, manage and optimise your operating expenses (OPEX) – meaning you will increase your productivity and lengthen your equipment life.



How does it work?

By entering equipment operating parameters, the TCO tool can predict when our products will need spare parts and services.


Designed using our extensive experience and knowledge in maintenance services, the TCO tool bases its predictability on:


  • Reliability analysis
  • List of spare parts
  • Cost of spare parts
  • List of maintenance tasks
  • Replacement intervals of parts
  • Information on the plant process
  • Other various factors



What the TCO Tool will do for you

The TCO Tool will benefit you through increased productivity by reducing the times you need to engage in corrective maintenance. This leads to your improved availability to produce more pounds of copper, tonnes of cement, ounces of gold – helping you to make more money.



The tool helps you ensure you have the right parts and resources when you need them, optimising your operational costs and net working capital. Due to the preventative maintenance methodology we used in developing the TCO tool, it also can greatly reduce the risk of safety incidents through its focus on a planned maintenance approach.



Ultimately, the TCO Tool will

  • Improve the availability of your assets
  • Optimise your levels of inventory
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected stops
  • Improve your OPEX forecast
  • Cut safety risks with planned maintenance and parts replacement, versus unplanned
  • Optimise replacement periods for your consumables and wear parts

Optimise your OPEX and reduce costs with our predictive TCO Tool

Improved operating expenses
Taking a proactive approach to site-specific solutions for key issues, the TCO Tool will improve a site’s OPEX through the optimisation of forecasting and inventory levels for better asset availability. This also impacts total net working capital.
Reduced downtime
By proactively forecasting replacement periods for consumable and wear parts, the TCO Tool allows the operation to keep appropriate inventory levels of spare parts, increasing asset availability and reducing the risk of unplanned stops.
Increased safety
With better planning for maintenance and consumables and wear parts replacement, the TCO Tool helps reduce safety-related risks. With planned availability of equipment, it also increases operational safety.
Improved productivity
Overall optimisation of planned maintenance and asset availability will positively impact productivity.

Reliably forecast your operational and maintenance needs

The functionality of the TCO Tool allows us to assist you with a variety of FLSmidth equipment in your mine and help you calculate its lifecycle costs, including capital costs for the original purchase and operational costs. The TCO Tool works for your FLSmidth flotation equipment, SAG mill, ball mill, gyratory crusher, cone crusher and screens.


The tool calculates operational costs from input process parameters and site conditions to determine the frequency of related preventative maintenance tasks. This enables the calculation of the availability in order to identify the required spares and labour resources.



The TCO Tool will

  • Calculate TCO for particular FLSmidth products
  • Calculate equipment availability
  • Define the preventative maintenance tasks and frequency
  • Identify the required spares
  • Identify additional recommended critical spares
  • Identify and calculate the resource requirements
  • Indicate the installation list for particular products


Our TCO team has incorporated a number of standards, reliability engineering skills and optimisation software, in addition to the experience and know-how of our service and maintenance groups, to develop the data for the TCO Tool. We placed heavy consideration on risks related to safety, environment, production, availability, redundancy and downtime costs. 


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