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Lift your performance through our advanced monitoring systems

Our range of process measurement and monitoring systems is designed to help lift the performance and profitability of your operations. With our systems you’ll have the monitoring tools to enable you to improve process output while reducing maintenance costs and better protect your equipment to ensure a longer life.


ECS/CemScanner allows you to monitor the temperature of your kiln shell in real time to ensure it is always operating efficiently. Our scanner system uses a state-of-the-art infrared scanner to construct a thermal image of the entire flattened shell surface of your kiln. The thermal profile consists of four super-imposed curves showing the minimum, maximum, average and worst-case temperatures around the shell and may also display the alarm levels assigned to several kiln sections. This allows you to adjust conditions inside the kiln to protect your equipment and boost your performance.


Over time, ECS/CemScanner allows you to reduce maintenance costs, experience fewer stoppages and better plan shutdowns.



LoadIQ helps you ensure that you are always targeting the optimum mill load. LoadIQ utilises our mill scanner smart sensor technology to accurately measure volumetric filling and ore trajectory in real-time. It then combines this reading with data about the ore type and liner profile to determine the optimum mill load. Mill operating parameters are then automatically adjusted in real time as grinding conditions change.


By preventing overloading of the mill, liner damage is reduced – giving you longer wear life from your liners and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


SmartCyclone Basic

SmartCyclone™ is an automated monitoring and control solution designed to reduce your cyclone-related process upsets. It improves cyclone overflow particle size distribution and predicts and controls your cyclone maintenance schedules. This helps reduce downtime and increase mineral recovery while lifting production capacity.


PERI Online Slurry Analysis System

Our PERI™ Online Slurry Analysis System is a highly accurate slurry sampling system that is flexible to the needs of your operations. This system has been successfully implemented on a number of base metal concentrator applications, including copper concentrate, tailings streams and lead-zinc and molybdenum plants. It is also able to analyse a variety of other minerals, including titanium, nickel, zirconium, tungsten and uranium.


The system handles multiple streams of slurry if needed. The normal configuration for practical sample transport is seven streams with a single multiplexer but may be expanded to 14 by adding a second multiplexer. Our system also comes with a high rate detector option that is able to rapidly analyse multiple streams or provide high-accuracy analysis of low concentrations.


PERI Mill Grinding Ball Charge System

The standard practice for charging a grinding mill – dumping tonnes of balls into the mill at once – is extremely inefficient and wastes energy while delivering inferior results and shortening the life of your equipment. We offer you a better way. Our PERI Mill Grinding Ball Charge System will provide a controlled continuous supply of balls to maintain consistent ball loading in the grinding mill, taking into account changes in conditions. This ensures your mill is always correctly charged, allowing it to maintain a consistent power draft, charge volume, ore feed rate, or consumption average (kg/t).


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