Key Benefits

  • Thoroughly tested to ensure quality
  • Available in many sizes
  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • Design exceeds current standards

Mine Shaft Rope Sheaves offer long-lasting quality solutions

When investing in a critical piece of equipment, you need something that is long-lasting and has a history of proven performance. FLSmidth offers multiple options to provide the equipment fit for the job.

FLSmidth’s Head Sheaves and Deflection Sheaves come in many sizes to suit whatever size rope you may be using, from 3 feet to 25 feet in diameter. And even if these sizes don’t match your needs, you can have something made to a larger size. Our sheaves are made to withstand a load equal to the breaking strength of the rope, which ensures safe use. In order to best match the conditions of different mine shafts, there are multiple options for the sheaves’ lining. You can order replaceable steel liners, urethane liners, split wedge-type UHMW liners, or an unlined sheave. If installing in a tight space, sheaves can be designed with split type or segmented construction.

In addition to meeting individual needs, Mine Shaft Rope Sheaves are long-lasting. Sheaves from other sources occasionally need premature replacement, lasting only partially through the life of a mine shaft. Conversely, FLSmidth’s sheaves are known for lasting longer than the mine shaft they are installed in. Because the sheaves have such a long life, it’s possible to reuse them in a new location where they can perform well for some time longer. This is extremely cost-effective.

Apart from Head Sheaves and Deflection Sheaves, FLSmidth offers Compensating Sheaves and Sinking Sheaves. When using a Blair multi-rope hoist, Compensating Sheaves are necessary to balance rope tension between two ropes connected to the skip or cage. With two ropes, there is no longer a need for safety mechanisms and wooden guides. To maintain equal rope tension and length using the compensating sheaves, FLSmidth supplies load cells and a hydraulic power package for the system. Compensating sheave and carriage components, including bearings, are easily accessible for inspection and replacement if necessary.

If you need Sinking Sheaves there are, yet again, multiple size options. They are offered in standard 36, 48, 60, and 72 inch pitch diameter, complete with shaft and bearing assemblies. And, as with the Head and Deflection Sheaves, we can accommodate custom sizes.  

Considering the dynamic cyclic loading and fatigue stresses for the specific duty these sheaves must endure, solid modeling and finite element analysis are applied with each sheave design as standard practice. All sheaves are non-destructively examined and put through a rigorous quality assurance program.

Mine Shaft Rope Sheaves offer guaranteed irreplaceable quality

Thoroughly tested to ensure quality
To guarantee that a durable product is delivered, each of FLSmidth’s Mine Shaft Rope Sheaves are extensively examined, tested non-destructively, stress-relieved and balanced.
Available in many sizes
Most sheaves have many different size options. Plus, FLSmidth will custom-tailor the sheave(s) to your application.
Our sheaves are known for outlasting the mine shafts they are installed in. Then, they go on to do quality work in a new shaft.
Design exceeds current standards
When compared against all applicable codes, the sheave designs perform above expectations.

The technology that drives durable, efficient equipment

Head and Deflection Sheaves are made to withstand a load equal to the rope breaking strength. These sheaves have an optional design for tight space installation through split type or segmented construction design. There are different lining options, as well as the possibility to opt for no lining.

Compensating Sheaves can be used for the Blair Hoist arrangement for hoisting with multiple ropes. FLSmidth’s load cells and hydraulic power package are included and keeps the dual-rope system equally tensioned.

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