Key Benefits

  • Flexible design
  • Cost efficient
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Smaller footprint

Get superior fine grinding results with the VXPmill

The VXPmill is designed as an efficient, sophisticated and superior solution for all of your fine grinding needs.

The best on the market, the VXPmill outperforms similar technologies in:

  • Capital cost
  • Flexible design
  • Operating power per ton processed and maintenance costs
  • Throughput and availability
  • Size of footprint
  • Automation and data collection

VXPmills operate at a power intensity that is higher than low-speed mills and overlaps that of high speed mills. This allows the VXPmill to be customised to a wide range of grinding applications. 


Ease of implementation and setup are top of mind as you strive to keep your plant running at peak levels of productivity. Our VXPmills are designed for easy shipment, simple installation and trouble-free maintenance. Most importantly, the mills are customisable to each unique mining application, optimising the performance of your mill and increasing ore recoveries. VXPmills are delivered with short lead times at market-leading capital and operating costs.

The advantages of the VXPmill include:

  • Lower capital expenditures
  • Shorter lead time compared to competitors
  • Simple, containerised shipping
  • Factory tested, pre-assembled mill components for rapid implementation, back by worldwide support
  • Vertical orientation for a smaller installation footprint than a comparable sized horizontal mill
  • Mill is open to the atmosphere so there are fewer problems with back pressure within the grinding zone
  • Impeller bearing housing is located above the grinding chamber, eliminating problems with bearing seal leakage because the bearing is not in contact with slurry
  • Reduced maintenance cost due to the absence of seals or filters within the mill chamber
  • Mill does not require complex internal product separators because slurry discharge occurs by overflow through a polyurethane screen at atmospheric pressure
  • Vertical design eliminates cavitation in the grinding zone at high speeds
  • High-torque drive allows the use of grinding media with a wide range of intrinsic density
  • Variable speed drive allows the mill speed to vary with process conditions 
  • Quick, simple, safe maintenance procedure

VXPmill - Customisable, cost-efficient, designed to save you money

Flexible design
Our VXPmills are customisable to each unique mining application, optimising the performance of your mill, and increasing ore recoveries.
Cost efficient
VXPmills are delivered with short lead times and market-leading maintenance and operating costs and have a smaller footprint.
Simple installation and maintenance
The mills are designed for optimal shipment and installation, as well as trouble-free maintenance. Smaller models are shipped nearly fully assembled, allowing you to save on freight and time spent constructing them on-site.
Higher throughput

VXPmills have higher throughput and availability when compared with similar technologies on the market.

Designed for efficiency, easy installation and maintenance


The VXPmill is a vertically oriented stirred media mill that is open to the atmosphere. They are designed with a modular impeller that has removable discs and spacers. Slurry enters at the bottom, travels upward through the mill chamber, and overflows through a media retention screen at the top. The rotating polyurethane discs activate inert ceramic grinding media inside the milling chamber. This activation fluidises the media bed which performs an attrition grind on the particles in the slurry.


The system is designed to allow changes to the distribution of the media and energy within the mill by changing the number and spacing between the impeller discs.

Milling/Communication Process

The mills are designed to run at tip speeds between 10 and 15 m/s and are capable of operating with very dense grinding media. The result is a power intensity that is higher than the low-speed mills and overlaps that of the high-speed mills.


There is a large gap between the tip speed and power intensity of the low-speed vertical mills and the high-speed horizontal mills. The VXP mill bridges the gap between high-speed and low-speed mills.


The VXPmills are designed for fine and ultra fine grinding applications. In practice, the mill performs best when the feed has a normal distribution. However, the mill has been used to preferentially grind the coarser “hump” in bimodal distributions without over grinding the finer part of the distribution.


Grinding efficiency is affected by a wide range of variables. Process parameters such as, slurry flow rate, slurry density, and slurry rheology all affect grinding performance. These variables can often be regulated to fall within an acceptable design range. The mill configuration and/or operating conditions can then be modified to increase the grinding efficiency. 



The mills are manufactured in a range of sizes to accommodate different feed rates and process conditions. The laboratory models are generally used for metallurgical and material testing. The pilot mills are designed as modular systems for use on site in pilot trials. These are generally replaced by the larger production mills once pilot trials have been completed.

Class Mill Type Net Volume (L) Design Speed (rpm) Installed Power (kW/hp)
Lab VXP2 3 1763 3.7/5
Lab VXP10 10 1763 15/20
Pilot VXP25 27 1175 30/40
Pilot VXP50 50 1175 56/75
Production VXP100 110 764 110/148
Production VXP250 290 509 132/177
Production VXP500 480 432 224/300
Production VXP1000 910 304 337/452
Production  VXP2500  2425 241 699/937
Production  VXP5000  5026 180 1475/1978 
Production  VXP10000  10273 140 3000/4023



The VXPmill’s unique design allows operators to quickly flush and drain the media out of the mill into a holding tank in preparation for disc maintenance. After the flushing cycle is completed, a valve is simply opened at the bottom of the mill and the ceramic beads drain into a temporary media storage tank. 


This is not only a safe solution, but the rapid maintenance process allows you to increase both time savings and machine availability.


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