Key Benefits

  • Increase profits with higher throughput
  • Decrease downtime with proven durability
  • Ensure safety with simpler, proven product

Dependable mill liners to boost your operation’s productivity

Productivity is paramount in your mining operation.

Mill Liner systems fill a basic role: to protect your mills from the intense wear and tear that comes from grinding down hard, raw materials. But even if they all do the same job, not all mill liners are created equal. From the abrasion resistance of rubber to the impact resistance of steel, different material parts offer different advantages. FLSmidth supplies the full range of mill liners options, including composite, steel and rubber liner solutions.

Our high performance and lightweight Composite Mill Liners are uniquely constructed with a rubber and carefully selected high-hardness steel inserts. They are customisable to fit the specifications of your SAG, AG, Rod or Ball Mill.

FLS Rubber Mill Liners are ideal for combating wear and tear against abrasion. They are a less costly and readily available solution. Rubber liners are highly reliable, used mostly in smaller operations and are commonly found in Ball Mills.

Metal Mill Liners in comparison provide high-quality protection against impact wear in both SAG and Ball Mills. By incorporating different alloys into the steels, we customise the liner solution for each customer's specific application.

No matter the option, for the designs of our grinding Mill Liners we are utilising the newest technologies. This benefits you with increased safety and more accurate planning of their useful life. The material used in manufacturing the liners and lifters has been engineered to optimise operational conditions and in accordance with mineral characteristics.

We offer feedheads,shells, and discharge mill liners 

Our engineers have created mill liner designs that:

  • Reduce the number of parts inside the mill
  • Reduce assembly and replacement time
  • Extend useful life of the parts
  • Increase grinding capacity
  • Optimise mill power use
  • Secure safe operation

Improve profitability and ensure safety with proven Mill Liners for all mill types

Increase profits with higher throughput
Optimised highly durable lower weight mill liners allow for increased grinding capacity and for your equipment to process more tonnes of material. 
Decrease downtime with proven durability
Spend less time inspecting your mill and more time putting it to use. Our mill liners enable your machinery to stay running longer. Less down time means higher profitability. Highly durable mill liners allow for extended periods between scheduled maintenance times. 
Ensure safety with simpler, proven products

Safety is crucial. Our mill liners are safe and have fewer parts and are therefore quicker to install. That means less downtime. It also means workers installing the liners or lifters spend less time in a potentially hazardous situation.

Composite Mill Liners

You need optimal solutions that provide increased safety and throughput. Our mill liners are designed with you in mind. Composite Mill Liners are high-performance lightweight mill liners uniquely constructed with a rubber, ceramic matrix, and carefully  selected high-hardness steel inserts. Designed for a number of minerals processing applications, they are customisable to fit the specifications of your SAG or ball mill.

fewer parts
Composite Mill Liners have on average 50% fewer parts. This results in faster reline speed and quicker installation, keeping your workers inside a hazardous mill for a shorter time period.
Composite Mill Liners are on average 50% lighter. This makes the liners easier to handle and improves worker safety.

Our Composite Mill Liners are built to last longer and occupy less volume within your mill. This means less downtime for maintenance or new liner installation along with greater grinding capacity and throughput potential thanks to the increased volume within the mill due to less space requirements.

Composite Mill Liners characterise themselves with their high-abrasion and impact-resistant materials that make them last longer. This allows you to extend periods between scheduled maintenance times.

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