Key Benefits

  • Raise mill performance
  • Improve operating procedures
  • Improve maintenance
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce costs

Advanced wear measurement and prediction services

Our advanced liner profiling and scanning services use cutting-edge technology to give you the most accurate and actionable information about the condition of your mill liners. We also let you know the steps that can be taken to optimise the liner wear life – empowering you to extend the life of your equipment and better plan maintenance shutdowns.

How do we do this? Our deep process and product expertise – built on more than 135 years of history in the mining industry – gives us unparalleled insight into the causes of wear and how to combat it. Add into the mix our advanced 3D scanning, liner profiling, and wear prediction technologies, and you have a winning package. We make wear measurement simpler and faster – while keeping it comprehensive – to provide you with the most appropriate solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership of your mill.

Understanding your mill means discovering what it is really capable of

Our approach is centred on partnership. We approach each project not as suppliers with products to sell but as partners with solutions to offer, ready to work with you to support your milling operations achieve their full potential:

Raise mill performance

Increase uptime and enable higher utilisation rates, throughput, and productivity.


Improve operating procedures

Empower better operating decisions with wear trending reports and analysis. 


Improve maintenance

Better forecast wear to inform maintenance planning.


Improve safety 

Lower maintenance requirements limit personnel’s interaction with mill.


Reduce costs

Lower cost of production with improved energy efficiency and extended uptime.

A simple process offers the opportunity for major benefits

Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology and profiling techniques provide an accurate view of the condition of your mill liners. We follow this up with expert analysis and a detailed report, letting you know how your mill running – and how it can be improved.

3D scanning
Our 3D laser scanning technology can capture up to 50 million data points, at levels of accuracy that are simply not possible with physical measurement, to build a profile of the liner. But with scanning time as short as 8 minutes, it can easily be performed during planned maintenance and inspection schedules.
Data transmission
3D data points from the scanner are transmitted to us for analysis via the FLSmidth Cloud Infrastructure Platform. The same platform is also used to transmit the report and recommendations back to the customer.
Data analysis
Once received, the data is automatically processed, manipulated, and converted into a 3D model. This is then aligned appropriately and compared with a fully-intact stock model of the liner set to highlight deviations. The deviations are then analysed for wear trends and wear patterns, and to forecast relining.
Expert review
To ensure our recommendations are appropriate to the real-world conditions of your mill, one of our wear experts will also review the analysis in light of the unique operating practices and process conditions at your mine.

The insights provided by the model and subsequent analysis are automatically compiled into report, which is usually delivered in two phases. A basic summary is sent within two days of the scan, detailing mill charge, reline date (±7 days accuracy), minimum remaining liner thickness and the liner wear trend.

A detailed report then follows within the next three days with liner longitudinal and cross-sectional wear profiles, colour-coded wear map, cross-sectional profile thickness comparison with new liners, profile diagrams for each liner, functional replacement date for liner performance, and expert recommendations.

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