Key Benefits

  • Raise throughput while lowering energy consumption
  • Extend uptime with longer - lasting rolls
  • Advanced digital tools improve process and maintenance
  • No grinding media required
  • Enhance the sustainability of grinding operations

An evolution in comminution

When it comes to grinding, our HPGR is the right choice for energy-efficient comminution technology to meet the challenges of complex ores.

Whether it’s a new unit or an upgrade, let us take your grinding operations to the next level. 

Improving efficiency, reliability, and sustainability is on ongoing challenge in the mining industry. This is particularly so in the grinding circuit, where traditional solutions consume significant quantities of energy, water, and grinding media. 


In contrast, high-pressure grinding rolls have long proved themselves to be the most energy-efficient form of comminution. And as a dry process that relies on compression between two counter-rotating rollers to crush the feed material, no water or grinding media are required.

These benefits have now been extended with the HGPR Pro, which offers up to 20% more throughput for up to 15% lower energy consumption. We have also extended roller life by up to 30% to create an ore grinding solution that is not only more economical than ever but is – quite simply – the best performing machine in its class.

Productive, sustainable comminution

Grinding even the most complex ores has never been easier; the benefits of high-pressure grinding rolls, never more pronounced. HGPR Pro enables improved productivity, reliability, and product quality, at lower cost. This cutting-edge machine also comes with advanced digital functionality that enables continued process optimization and predictive maintenance. 

These benefits are available whatever your grinding needs. Whether it’s a new machine or upgrade, for an existing application or opening-up new uses for our tried-and-tested technology, we have the expertise to supply the right solution for you. 

Achieving best-in-class grinding performance

HGPR Pro incorporates a range of cutting-edge engineering and digital solutions that provide the basis for enhanced performance. Our new technology informs the operator of machine status and enables continual process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Rotating side-plates for a uniform pressure profile and improved even roll wear

Rotating side-plates are the key to the enhanced performance delivered by HGPR Pro. By improving material flow into the rollers, this innovative feature can improve throughput by up to 20%, reduces energy consumption by up to 15%, lowers maintenance requirements, and extends roll service life.

 Wear segments on the side-plates can be removed or adjusted without removing the rollers. This simplifies – and therefore speeds up – maintenance to reduce non-productive time.

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Controlled skew limitation through mechanical locking device

Watch the video to learn more about this unique feature of the HGPR Pro. The skew limiter is a mechanical locking device to limit misalignment of the moveable roller. It allows the rollers to adjust to feed conditions and maintain uniform pressure, while ensuring critical limits are not exceeded and protecting the rotating side-plates. The result is higher-quality product with fewer machine outages and downtime.

Lubrication with oil Instead of grease

Bearings are lubricated with a constant stream of conditioned oil. This enables higher machine loads to be achieved, as well as lowering bearing temperature. Oil is conditioned in a closed-loop circuit to remove impurities. This reduces lubricant consumption and maximizes service life of the bearings.

  • Longer-lasting bearings
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced operating costs by decreased lubricant consumption
HPGR Pro, HPGR Pro Grinding, hpgr pro mining, HPGR Pro crusher, HPGR Pro grinding roll

  HPGR Pro

Sizes Type Roll Diameter
 Roll Width
Grinding Force
Motor Power 
PM4 17/10   1,700  1,000  7,000  2x800  4,490  3,030  6,800
PM5 20/10  2,000  1,000  8,600  2x1,600  5,950  3,000  7,500
PM6 20/15  2,000  1,500  11,000  2x1,850  6,020  3,460  8,000
PM7 20/17  2,000  1,650  13,500  2x2,500
 6,550  3,640  8,800
PM8 24/17  2,400  1,650  17,000  2x2,800  7,725  3,820  9,000
PM9 26/18  2,600  1,750  20,000  2x3,400  8,500  4,150  9,700
PM10 30/20  3,000  2,000  25,000  2x5,000  9,500  4,600  11,000 

12 New Service Centers added in 2022

FLSmidth service center locations for mining repair and equipment


Location                          Contact Location                           Contact
Australia, Perth Email Canada, Edmonton Email
Australia, Port Hedland Email Germany, Ennigerloh Email
Brazil, Carajas Email       Peru, Matarani Email
Brazil, Santa Luzia Email         Peru, LaJoya Email
Chile, Antofagasta I Email South Africa, Chlorkoop Email
Chile, Antofagasta II Email Turkey, Ankarra Email
* Antofagasta, Chile has two locations.

Global Service Centres

Our footprint of service centres is spread across the globe to provide service and expertise. Strategically located close to mining plants and operations, our supercenters and service centres are part of a global network of OEM facilities, with experts providing localised services, customised to address your needs and enhance your productivity. Each location is designed to have the offerings that best serve the local market. Our new service centers handle some of the largest mining equipment such as the rollers on our HPGR and HPGR Pro.


Our facility capabilities include:

  • World-class personnel ready to provide multiple solutions
  • Lifecycle enhancement services, such as rebuilds and repairs, refurbishments, and exchange programs
  • Support for these and other offerings, such as inspection, audit and other technical services

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