Key Benefits

  • Unmatched value
  • Backed by metallurgical expertise
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Hydraulic excavator parts designed for heavy applications

Your equipment is only as effective as its parts. And when those parts fail, your business depends on reliable spares and replacements to keep essential processes functioning. We offer top-quality spare parts for hydraulic excavators, so that you’ll always have what you need to keep your business running. 

Extracting usable materials from the ground demands a significant investment in time, energy and money. And when it comes to replacing essential equipment parts, the expenses can really add up. That’s why we emphasise maximising value for our customers. Our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities and hydraulic excavator parts have earned the confidence of extraction (mining) operations around the world. From specialised pin and bushing sets to entire undercarriage replacements, we supply to your needs.

High-value spare parts - protect your investment, protect your budget

Don’t break the bank with top-quality, reliable spare parts for your hydraulic excavators. our spare parts offer durability and dependability, along with top value. With EXCEL™, you’ll always have the right parts to keep your hydraulic excavators operating optimally. 

Unmatched value
Investing in spare and replacement parts shouldn’t have to break your budget. We offer top-quality spare parts for hydraulic excavators, at prices that will keep your business happy.
Backed by metallurgical expertise

Enjoy extra durable products thanks to our metallurgical research and development. Forged steel develops a fine grain structure without changing the volume or density of the steel. Step forgings retain their grain integrity resulting in maximum grain strength. And directional grain strength is preserved by “bending” the grain flow around the corners of the steps.

Reduced maintenance costs

These improved parts provide better throughput, and increased revenue for your business. Better replacement parts mean longer periods of operation between maintenance downtimes.

Invest in the right spare parts for your hydraulic excavators

From forged one-piece rollers, through overlay and induction-hardened pins, We provide high-quality, high-value spare part solutions to repair and optimise your hydraulic excavator equipment.

Forged one-piece rollers

Rock solid performance

  • Retains grain integrity, resulting in maximum grain strength
  • Reduces and refines the coarse cast grain structure
  • Uniform grain size and directional flow maximise strength



Metallurgical expertise makes all the difference

Your business depends on replacement parts that can go the distance. Our metallurgical research and development provide extra durable products. Forged steel develops a fine grain structure without changing the volume or density of the steel. Step forgings retain their grain integrity resulting in maximum grain strength. And directional grain strength is preserved by “bending” the grain flow around the corners of the steps.





  • Structural strength - Casting defects are ’healed’ by hammering the hot steel. The hammering eliminates the voids and defects inherent in casting.
  • Directional strength - Uniform grain size and directional flow maximise strength.
  • Impact strength - Proper orientation of grain flow combined with a more predictable and precise heat treatment produces impact resistance and cold weather toughness.


Manganese steel bushings

Experience the difference

For years, the forged Hadfield (11-14%) austenitic manganese steel bushings were the industry standard. In many of today’s applications, these bushings are no longer suitable for the heavy demands. We applied 70+ years of metallurgical experience along with our knowledge of dipper and bucket applications and developed our legendary manganese steel bushings.



Minimal defects through centrifugal casting

We developed a technique that yields tighter grain boundaries and limits undesirable pearlite. Plus, it produces a density and Brinell hardness that no other manufacturing process can match. By tightly controlling melting and pouring temperature, centrifugal force (g-force) and the cooling process, we manufacture a bushing that is unmatched in metal grain structure and integrity.


The right bushing for your application


XL/C – Centrifugally cast manganese steel

Much tighter grain structure, faster work hardening vs. conventional forged product.


XL/XT – Extreme manganese steel

Higher manganese and carbon content, work hardens extremely quickly.


EH – Explosion hardened

XL/C or XL/XT bushing can be explosion hardened for tough applications, increasing Brinell hardness an additional 75 BHN points.



Proof in the field

Bail application – five times normal wear life

In a bail application mining tar sand in northern Canada, our customer switched from forged bushings to our XL/C and had them explosion hardened. They were getting 800 shovel hours in a cycle, but after making the change, they got over 5,000 hours before needing a bushing change.


Coal mine experiences – 30% longer cycle

A customer put our XL/C bushing up against a competitor’s forged bushing in a Southern US coal mine on a drag hitch application. In a controlled, side-by-side test, our bushing lasted 30% longer.


Overlay & induction-hardened pins

Through innovative designs, experience and meticulous quality control, we provide you with extremely effective products. We are a leading supplier of high-quality overlay pins to the mining industry. We utilise our seventy-five plus years of experience, high-quality standards, modern production facilities and equipment in conjunction with our design and technological expertise to produce superior products.


We use a technique that allows for the optimal amount of our overlay material without the dilution of the base metal – which is commonly found in other overlay pins available on the market. The pins are manufactured using an automated process to control the depth of penetration of our proprietary overlay material to the base metal.


To eliminate the opportunity for gouging or point loading of bushings, our state-of-the-art CNC equipment precisely machines the rough surface of the overlay pin (which is typically in excess of 60HRC) to a smooth finish.


We only use the highest quality raw materials consistent with our ISO 9001 certification in producing the best overlay pins in the world. 

Better together

Use our pins and bushings in matched sets for optimal performance!

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