Key Benefits

  • Heavy-duty
  • Increased mobility and improved reliability
  • Auxiliary components
  • Safety focused
  • Easy maintenance

FLSmidth Buffalo reclaim feeder

Stock yards and ROM applications

Reclaim feeders and feeder breakers are utilised to reclaim stockpiles and ROM material at a continuous feed rate. Trucks, front-end loaders, or dozers supply feeders with material, which then deliver the material in a consistent manner to a conveyor belt, sizer, or other process equipment. Our reclaim feeders are an ideal backup system for stacker and reclaimer systems, and they can be implemented for side tipping or back tipping applications to reduce double handling of material.

Modular design

The reclaim feeder’s modular design allows for different discharge heights, depending on the required application. We offer loading decks of various lengths to ensure our installations fit our customers’ unique requirements. Modularity also allows for transportation within a standard size container.

Designed to meet your unique requirements

The Buffalo reclaim feeder is a heavy-duty design, featuring replaceable supports and modular sections. Our reclaim feeders have replaceable individual parts throughout the full length of the feeder.

The Buffalo reclaim feeder is a heavy-duty design, featuring replaceable supports and modular sections. Our reclaim feeders have replaceable individual parts throughout the full length of the feeder.
Increased mobility and improved reliability

Electromechanical and hydraulic drives power our reclaim feeders. Flow control is achieved through adjustable hydraulics, variable speed drives, and gearbox ratios. A hydraulic take-up system ensures ideal and consistent chain tensioning on the shaft take-up assembly. 


All Buffalo reclaim feeders are semi-mobile, meaning the customer can relocate the feeder if required. The transformer and motor control center (MCC) are located onboard the reclaim feeder; only the power supply needs to be isolated before relocating the unit.

Installation options

Our reclaim feeders and feeder breakers may be installed as either a free-standing unit with or without civils, or as a multiunit construction with hoppers or sizers. Our reclaim feeders may also also be pre-assembled in the workshop or containerized and transported to the construction site.

Auxiliary components
Auxiliary components, such as wheel assemblies, lights, lubrications systems, and safety features, offer a true  fit-for-purpose solution. Pitch chains are available in 4-in, 5.5-in, and 6-in options.
Safety focused
Our reclaim feeder’s heavy-duty frame is built in modular sections, which include platforms with handrails for inspection and maintenance access.

Additional safety features

  • Hand railing with kick plates
  • Dust suppression
  • Safety guards and inspection covers
  • Curated non-slip grating and tread plates
  • Access ways barricading chains
  • Area illumination, operational indicator light for when machine is running, safety signs, emergency stop safety bar
Easy maintenance
Maintenance Access hatches allow for maintenance of the flight bars, decks, and chains. Bearings are lubricated from an accessible auto lube system.

Customer service & spare parts

We approach your project not as suppliers, but as partners invested in your success, ready to provide total lifecycle support to help your plant achieve its full potential.

At FLSmidth, we offer full support for all of the machines we supply. Installation, commissioning, and maintenance contracts and supervision are all available to all customers.

Technical services

  • Erection and commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Expert services
  • Technical assistance
  • Training

Products & parts

  • Original OEM spares
  • Product review and  improvement
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Repairs and  refurbishments
  • Retrofits
Spare parts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our global presence allows us to execute maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently.

Engineering services

  • Equipment audits
  • Process audits
  • Testing
  • Erection supervision
  • Training

Products & parts

  • Project and construction  management
  • Plant maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Plant operations


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