Key Benefits

  • Reliable performance
  • Efficient operations and maintenance
  • Modular design
  • Backed by FLSmidth support

High quality Belt Feeders designed with dependability in mind

We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and reliable feed from hoppers, bins, silos and stockpiles to your plant. We know that it’s essential to your ability to meet your targets, achieve cost efficiencies and maximise your site’s performance.

That’s why our Belt Feeders have been designed to reliably perform in the harshest settings, helping you to achieve genuine efficiencies when it comes to the extraction and discharge of particles up to 200mm in size.

Our Belt Feeders are suited for applications in gold, copper, coal, zinc, alumina, bauxite, iron ore, limestone, lignite, rock, phosphate rock, salt, sand and more.

They are robust, straightforward in their operations with our own “Blue Box” control system, and their modular design delivers easy and affordable maintenance. For example, the equipment can be mounted on to rails with bogie wheels; this assists with moving individual parts for maintenance. Automated greasing systems add to their ease of use and low maintenance.

Our Belt Feeders can be adapted to suit your needs – their dimensions and sizes can be customised to suit your layout and material characteristics.

Safety features protect your operators and include pull-cord and belt misalignment switches, overfilling and rotation sensors, protection guards and motor power monitoring. Additionally, they feature material detection in feeding and discharge chutes and all rotating parts are covered.

Reliable Belt Feeders deliver on performance and quality

Reliable performance
Our Belt Feeders are dependable, efficient and economical in their operation for their entire lifetime of service. They are designed for continuous use and reduce scheduled downtime with long-life bearings and automated greasing systems.
Efficient operations and maintenance
To get you started quickly, we offer fast delivery and easy installation. Our Belt Feeders are also simple to maintain with less mechanical parts, while belt and idlers are easily replaceable if required. Our Belt Feeders have been engineered to minimise spillage, and can be quickly and easily cleaned with scrapers. 
Modular design

Our Belt Feeders combine efficiency and robustness with modular design. High capacity models are also available for busy companies with higher levels of mass flow.

The option of rail-mounted equipment gives you additional mobility by using shuttling and retracting systems for maintenance. These systems have a separate hydraulic cylinder with its own powerpack unit which is also mobile. 

Backed by FLSmidth support
As an FLSmidth customer, you’ll receive full support from our expert staff. The modular design allows us to configure the layout which best suits your operation and we are always available for troubleshooting or to provide advice.  

Belt Feeders that deliver reliable extraction or particles 

Our Belt Feeders have been designed for ease of maintenance, transport and installation, and according to strict safety standards. They come as standard with a wide range of features:


  • Standardised components used
  • Variable belt speed
  • Most recent safety standards used by default
  • Various option possible – rail-mounted equipment, feed hoppers, discharge chute and others
  • Feeder drive is either electromechanical or hydraulic
  • Variety of drives possible – direct drives, drive chains, coupled drives
  • FLSmidth “Blue Box” control system
  • Screwed and/or hydraulic take-up station
  • Automated greasing systems available
  • Less mechanical parts. 


KREBS® Quick Release™ system for pump rebuilds

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