Key Benefits

  • Increased wear life
  • Lower power consumption
  • Increased mill throughput
  • Reduced cost-per-ton pumped
  • Lower inventory requirements

Ultimate slurry pumping performance for the most abrasive slurries

Our UMD slurry pump can do it all, from pumping discharge in hard rock grinding mills to hydrotransport slurry in oil sands.

Pumping the discharge from hard rock grinding mills is one of the most high-wear applications due to high concentrations of abrasive solids. Conversely, the hydrotransport process in oil sands deals with a range of particle sizes from very coarse sand and heavy lumps to fine clay and coarse silica sand. Our UMD pump was designed specifically for these highly abrasive and diverse particle size applications. By integrating a superior hydraulic design and the patented millMAX suction-side sealing system, the UMD maximizes wear life and increases efficiency.  Interesting read on our UMD slurry pumps:  KREBS® UMD™ Knocks-Out the Competition-customer case story  and  KREBS® UMD™ Pump Conversion-case study

Wide range of options

Unique design for a wide range of options

The impeller features optimized pumping vane shape, increased shroud diameter, and improved expelling vane shape to bring you the most hydraulically advanced impeller of its kind. The design also accommodates fine solids with durable, replaceable and less expensive liners. We extended the back liner and suction liner diameters to reduce wear and improve performance.


The UMD includes a wide range of pump sizes that can handle flows from 50 to 20,000 cubic meters per hour (200 to 90,000 gallons per minute). The UMD high-pressure models are also available for multistage high-pressure applications.

UMD slurry pump ultimate mill discharge

Symmetric casing design

Many customer sites have pumps rotating in both left- and right-hand orientations. This requires keeping different casings, liners and impellers in stock. Our UMD has a symmetric casing, which means for either orientation, it uses the same casing, suction liner, wear ring and back liner, reducing customer inventory requirements.

Large clearances

The UMD’s large clearance between the casing and impeller creates a deep bed of slurry that acts as a buffer zone, shielding the casing from the direct impact of coarse solids. An enlarged cutwater clearance reduces turbulence to extend pump life. Back and suction liners with oversized outer diameters protect the casing from high velocity and turbulence at the periphery of the impeller.
umd lump section view

More volume and less downtime with the UMD centrifugal slurry pump

Increase mill throughput, reduce power consumption and increase in wear life are some of the benefits with our KREBS slurry pumps technology.

Increased wear life

To stop recirculation, pumps without a wear ring must adjust their impeller and suction liner close together. This can be effective when pumping fluids with no solids; with slurries, however, the solids become caught between the rotating impeller and static suction liner, and are crushed.

Grinding these solids consumes power and wears out the impeller and liner. The wear ring technology stops recirculation, and allows for a large gap between the impeller and suction liner – eliminating solids grinding. 

Lower power consumption
Because the UMD maintains a constant operating speed and does not grind particles, the pump naturally lasts longer and consumes less power (up to 10% less).
Increased mill throughput
Grind in your mill – not in your pump. The UMD protects against particle degradation, lost production and allows greater throughput.
Reduced cost-per-ton pumped

The UMD has been proven worldwide to reduce power costs, reduce maintenance costs, reduce downtime, and eliminate particle degradation when compared to conventional pumps – in all, reducing your cost-per-ton pumped. 

Lower inventory requirements
Our UMD features a symmetric casing that uses the same suction liner, wear ring and back liner for both left- and right-hand orientations reducing customer inventory requirements.

Our slurry pump is designed for the most abrasive slurry pumping applications in mining

Our UMD horizontal pump is ideal for ball mill discharge, highly abrasive slurry applications in hard rock mining and oil sands.

UMD-R elastomer lined pump

The UMD-R is a fully rubber lined, split case version of the UMD, designed for heavy-duty mill discharge applications. With heavy-duty rubber liners the UMD-R is particularly suited for wide flow ranges and corrosive duties.

UMD rubber lined slurry pump

SMART PUMPS - One simple app for better understanding and improving your operation

With the combination of our SiteConnect™ app and KREBS® Smart Pumps, you now have access to real-time information about your pumps on any phone or mobile device. Get instant alerts about operational deviations so that you know about potential problems before they occur. With better information about current operation, historical data, trends and advanced calculations, one simple app gives you a snapshot of the overall health of your entire plant. Learn more SiteConnect™ mobile app.

Patented suction-side sealing

An adjustable wear ring takes up clearance at the impeller, reducing suction-side recirculation, maintaining hydraulic performance. The extended wear ring diameter is designed to increase the life of the millMAX suction-side sealing system. Four external screws provide online wear clearance adjustment. The suction side clearance is fully adjustable while in operation.


Replaceable suction and back liners

Replaceable suction and back liners, with patented extended diameters, protect the casing from turbulent wear. High chrome and elastomer liner material options are available, providing the ideal solutions for a wide range of applications and flow.


Optimized impeller design

We have optimized the shape of the pumping vanes, increased the shroud diameter, and improved the shape of expelling vanes to bring you the most hydraulically advanced impeller of its kind. 


The UMD is available in the following sizes
6 x 5 150 mm x 125 mm
8 x 6 200 mm x 150 mm
10 x 8 250 mm x 200 mm
12 x 10 300 mm x 250 mm
14 x 12 350 mm x 300 mm
16 x 14 400 mm x 350 mm
18 x 16 450 mm x 400 mm
20 x 18 500 mm x 450 mm
22 x 20 550 mm x 500 mm
26 x 22 650 mm x 550 mm
28 x 26 700 mm x 650 mm
32 x 28 800 mm x 700 mm
34 x 32 850 mm x 800 mm
38 x 34 950 mm x 850 mm


The UMD-R is available in the following sizes
22 x 20 550 mm x 500 mm
26 x 22 650 mm x 550 mm
28 x 26 700 mm x 650 mm

KREBS® Quick Release™ system

Increase uptime, improve safety and maintenance with our KREBS® Quick Release™ system.   A safe and quick disconnect system that minimises the time required for replacing wear parts and routine maintenance. Now you can quickly and safely switch your wet end module to perform routine maintenance and part replacement while your slurry keeps moving.



krebs pumps

Applications include

  • Mill discharge
  • Oil sands hydrotransport and PSV/PSC feed and underflow
  • Tailings
  • Froth
  • Cyclone feed
  • Thickener underflow
  • High-flow applications
  • Other highly abrasive applications

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