Key Benefits

  • Flexible operating range
  • High product recovery
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reliable service
  • Corrosive applications

We are the world leader in installed CCW filtration applications

Effective technology

The better your filters, the more pure the cakes that come from Counter Current Washing (CCW). Our rollerdeck horizontal belt filter (HBF) design provides your operation with the best process performance at the lowest maintenance and power costs. 



Maximizing Soluble Metal Recovery

There a multiple variables that can affect your soluble metal recovery and capex. We conduct an analysis of each of the following variables to make sure that each piece is optimised for your application.

  • Particle size distribution

The particle size distribution (PSD) determines whether the application should use filtration or thickening technology. If your operation needs filtration, then you’ll need filters. If not, then you ] would use our CCD Thickeners.

  • Suspended solids distribution

The suspended solids distribution comes from the thickener or horizontal belt filter. If suspended solids distribution is high, then the wash efficiency will also be high.

  • Wash ratio

We check to make sure that the wash efficiency is high by gauging the amount of wash water. The more wash water, the higher the efficient.

  • Number of thickeners or wash zones

Efficiency is also increased by the number of thickeners or horizontal belt filter wash zones in a circuit. We check to make sure that there are enough thickeners or wash zones for the application.

  • Wash liquor soluble metal concentration

The soluble metal concentration should be low in order to optimise wash efficiency.

  • Interstage mixing efficiency

When efficiency is high for the Interstage Mix Tanks, the wash efficiency is also high.



Full service capabilities

  • Testwork

Research and testing is needed to plan an efficient operation. We perform testwork on technologies and perform material characterization to ensure that we go in prepared.

  • Flowsheet and equipment selection and sizing

The proper flowsheet design and accompanying equipment will keep all the pieces of the circuit functioning well together. We create a reliable flowsheet and carefully choose the right equipment.

  • Technology design

Effective technology transforms an operation. Our experts use leading tools to quickly deliver technology designs to your team.

  • Fabrication

Conventional fabrication can be time consuming. Our team leverages our international locations to save costs and time on fabrication.

  • Installation

Similar to fabrication, installation is often costly and forces operations to extend deadlines. To save time and money, we send expert supervision to oversee the installation. We also recommend pre-assembled HBFs to save on installation time.

  • Commissioning

To get your operation functioning quickly, we offer start-up and commissioning support.

How CCW Filters can benefit your operation

Flexible operating range
Our CCW Filters are designed to fit a wide variety of applications, offering a powerful solution for your business. 
High product recovery
Optimise circuit recovery while reducing cake moisture and water consumption.
Reduced operating costs
Technology can drastically influence the results of your CCW. Our horizontal belt filter (HBF) designs lower power and maintenance costs.
Reliable service
Your operation stays up-to-date on new technology and continues to function best when you can rely on continued service. We stay with your operation long after installation.
Corrosive applications
Our CCW filters are designed to effectively handle even the most corrosive solutions, operating longer and requiring less maintenance downtime. 

The CCW Filter technology behind the results

Improperly designed and installed Horizontal Belt Filters can be costly and require considerable power. Our world leading installations and the FLSmidth rollerdeck design solves these common issues. The drainage belt in our rollerdeck is supported by low-friction rollers, providing a perfectly horizontal belt and filter cake level while using the lowest drive power consumption possible. This considerably reduces the maintenance and power cost for FLSmidth horizontal belt filters without sacrificing product quality. 

Building something big from small beginnings

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