Flexible, low-cost and easy to use: FLSmidth Heap Leach equipment

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Optimise beneficiation with our Heap Leach equipment and services

As expanding world populations and emerging economies put increasing strain on available natural resources, mining operations are becoming more focused on getting the most out of lower-grade ore sources. At the same time, rising operational and energy costs are forcing these operations to seek out equipment solutions that are not only inexpensive to operate and power, but also easy to install and use.


To answer these growing needs, mining operations are turning towards Heap Leach solutions.


In Heap Leaching, precious metals are extracted from raw materials using chemical reactions that absorb and separate out waste materials, leaving valuable ore for further processing. In this process, the materials are placed on a specialised liner, and the chemical catalysts are added via a drip system. 


At FLSmidth, we provide industry leading Heap Leach technologies and services. Our Heap Leach solutions offer a number of benefits in settings and applications where ore is low-grade, or is unfeasible to process using other methods. These benefits include:

  • Reduced energy and water requirements.
  • Increased rate of returns
  • Decreased cost of equipment
  • Improved reclamation of tailings and material waste
  • Easy installation, set up and operation
  • Viable operation across a range of climates and locations
  • Improved environmental sustainability


Our Heap Leach products are made for extreme durability and are designed to last, so you’ll always have a heap leaching solution you can count on. And thanks to intuitive our design and user-friendly operation, plant managers can incorporate and use these valuable machines without the need for overly time consuming training. These solutions also allow for a significant reduction in dangerous emissions and use less power than traditional processes, thus reducing your operation’s carbon footprint — saving you money, and saving the environment all at once.


Our Heap Leach product offering includes:

  • On/Off Pad Race Track
  • Radial Stacker


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