Key Benefits

  • Maximise productivity
  • Minimise operating costs
  • Improve your equipment availability

Genuine wear parts reduce your operational costs

The difference between FLSmidth genuine wear parts and cheap counterfeit or ‘will fit’ parts might not be obvious at first glance.

It’s true there are low-cost counterfeit manufacturers who can supply parts that look the same and will fit your machine. While there are many ways to cut corners on the production of spare parts to reduce manufacturing costs, there are definite consequences. Attempting to save money on spare parts expense actually increases the risk of LOWER production, metallurgical efficiency, machine availability and reliability; and HIGHER vibration, drive damage, delamination, parts failures, unscheduled shutdowns and maintenance costs.


How do our competitors ‘cut corners’ to sell you cheaper parts? Read on.

Cost-cutting by competitors

  • No engineering support
  • Inadequate metal surface protection
  • Inferior raw materials and welding
  • Absence of quality control
  • Poor fabrication tolerance and mould alignment
  • Unbalanced mechanisms
  • Cold bonding of liners
  • Hand-blending of polyurethanes
  • Lack of global and regional technical support

Luckily, you have a reliable source for genuine, quality parts through FLSmidth. Indeed, the test of time has proven that competing, ‘will-fit’ flotation wear parts cannot match the lifespan or performance of our flotation wear parts.


What sets us apart?



Supplying quality, long-lasting wear parts starts with our engineering capability. The true value of FLSmidth’s well-established engineering and quality standards are unseen to the naked eye, but essential to ensure all our wear parts are compatible, durable and reliable. For example, the grade of steel, welding specification and balancing of our rotors results in a quality part that not only fits your machine, but also prevents vibration in the drive assembly, which can significantly reduce the service life of the machine and result in unscheduled breakdowns and disruptions to production.



Our significant investment in world-class manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art, high-capacity, high-quality polyurethane plants is globally renowned. Each of our facilities is staffed with a team of highly trained, qualified, experienced manufacturing experts. Our quality control system ensures the production of superior, long-lasting wear parts. From the steel grade to welding standards, measurement tolerances, surface preparation, liner application, curing, quality checks and more – every step of the manufacturing process is critical to ensure production of quality, long-lasting wear parts.



FLSmidth-engineered wear parts ensure maximisation of your machine. Typically, as mechanism liners wear out, pumping rates drop off, impacting recovery. We manufacture long-lasting wear parts that ensure your flotation performance is being sustained between maintenance intervals.


Our patented NextSTEP stator/rotor is the market-leading flotation mechanism to ensure the highest recovery rates, with superior fine and coarse particle recovery, lower power rates and longer lasting parts.


Continuous improvement

FLSmidth R&D is continuously testing alternative and new materials and designs so that we can produce wear parts that last longer, perform better, reduce operating costs and improve productivity. By choosing us as your wear parts supplier, you have access to the best technology in the industry.



Our global network provides local technical support in every major mining region. With a large team of trained technicians to conduct equipment inspections, we ensure your machines are being maintained correctly to deliver the reliability and performance you expect.


We can also deliver training programs for your operation and maintenance staff, tailored for your flotation circuit.


FLSmidth can work with you to optimise your circuit performance. Our process specialists and metallurgical laboratories and services mean we can go beyond just machine reliability and availability, and maximise productivity by understanding your ore and discovering the best processing method to maximise your plants profitability. 

Optimise your forced-air flotation cells with FLSmidth wear parts

Maximise productivity
Maximising productivity is quite a simple concept: keeping your machines running for as long as possible, at optimum performance, with minimum downtime. Our wear parts are designed to be mechanically compatible with your machine, and to last longer than our competitors’ counterfeit parts.
Minimise operating costs
Minimising operating costs is more than just saving money on the cost of parts. Increasing machine availability and reliability by using quality, genuine parts that have longer wear life has a far more significant impact on reducing operating costs than using low-cost, counterfeit parts.
Improve your equipment availability
You can service or remove our flotation mechanisms for maintenance without interrupting your process. With our long-lasting wear parts, longer production between parts replacement minimises downtime for maintenance, as well as the threat of loss due to failure.

Forced-air flotation wear parts - from the industry experts

Improve your recovery rates and concentration grades, while lowering your energy requirements, with genuine FLSmidth forced-air flotation wear parts.

Through excellence in engineering, manufacturing, research and development, we produce quality, long-lasting wear parts for your flotation machine. Add our global and local service, and you have an unbeatable combination.


When it comes time to replace your wear parts, using patented bypass equipment, our flotation mechanisms can be serviced or removed for maintenance without process interruption. This allows for longer production between wear parts replacement, and it minimises the threat of maintenance cutting down on availability or even loss due to failure.

Our forced-air flotation wear parts include:

  • Rotors
  • Stators
  • Stator base plates
  • Rotor drive shafts
  • V-belts and pulleys
  • BHSA (bearing housing and shaft assemblies)
  • Drive assembly maintenance platforms
  • Radial launders
  • Dart valve actuators
  • Pulp level control transmitters
All wear parts are available for quick shipping, to make sure your planned maintenance occurs on schedule and your flotation cell continues to operate reliably. 

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