Key Benefits

  • Impressive cost effectiveness
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Flexibility and versatility

What sets the Shriver Filter Press apart

In today’s fast-paced environment, your plant needs solutions that are not only reliable, but also versatile, cost-effective and customisable. Every piece of machinery we provide is aimed at providing you sustainable productivity. The Shriver Filter Press is no exception. This powerful press is built with cutting-edge technology in multiple configurations and designs.


Your operation is unique. There’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Shriver Filter Presses are fully customisable. Bring their power to your operation with our help. One of our trained guides is happy to help you find and install the best solution for your plant. This filter has more options than any other on the market, and can be customised for the solution that will perfectly fit your operation.  

FLSmidth’s latest Shriver cost-effective filter press designs offer:

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Safe pneumatically or electrically operated controls
  • Minimum weight and space requirements
  • Maximum area and volume
  • U.S. Technologies combined with local manufacturing and local service and OEM parts
  • Over 100 years experience in process and design with over 30,000 installed units worldwide
  • Qualified and experienced technical staff
  • Flexibility in design
  • Efficient cake washing
  • Food-grade construction (optional)
  • Complete corrosion resistance (optional)
  • Membranes (available for applications requiring them)

What the Shriver Filter Press can do for you


  • Impressive cost effectiveness 
    Get great return on investment with a solution that’s built to give you high profits for a reasonable cost.

  • Maximum efficiency
    Get drier cakes at a lower cost than other dewatering devices. Customise a plate stack for optimal efficiency.

  • Flexibility and versatility 
    The Shriver Filter Press is endlessly flexible and extremely versatile. Whether you’re handling coal dewatering, or dealing with food products and juices, this press can help. Custom build it for almost any use case.


The technology behind the Shriver Filter Press

Filter presses offer drier cakes at lower cost than other dewatering devices. They consist of two basic components; a skeleton frame and a plate stack. Regardless of the construction or methods of control and operation, filtration is achieved by clamping the plates together and pumping slurry under pressure into the cavities formed between the closed plates.


Filter media lines the chambers and captures solids while permitting clarified liquid to pass through. Filtration proceeds until the cavity is filled with cake or a preset pressure is reached. By unclamping and shifting the plates, the cake drops from the cavities and the filter is ready to repeat the operation. Filtration rate is dependent on feed pressure, thickness of the cake, slurry temperature and viscosity, nature of the cake solids, and filter media.


  • Optional additions

  • Wide selection of filter media

  • Manual or automatic drip trays

  • Filtrate blowdown system

  • Cloth washers

  • Automated control

  • Cake discharge-assist mechanisms

  • Alternative plate materials

  • 7 bar (100psi) &15 bar (225 psi) designs

  • High temperature polypropylene plates; alternative materials available for higher temperatures

  • Air or electrically powered

  • Cake washing or airblow (multiple types of washing systems available)

  • Safety features (lanyards,light curtains, etc.)


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