Pressure filters for dewatering of mineral process slurries

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Dependable and efficient dewatering with pressure filtration

Cost-effective solid-liquid separation technology is essential to the economical production of solids or filtrate in a variety of industries. To achieve this, the plant engineer faces a wide selection of filter technology. The chosen technology should achieve the desired solid and filtrate properties and provide reliable operation, as well as offer low installation, operating and maintenance costs

The purpose of a pressure filter is to filter the slurry or pulp, using pressure and liquid-permeable “cloth” to force the moisture from the slurry and create a filter cake of solids.

With our global breadth and depth of experience in vertical and horizontal pressure filtration applications, we are well-positioned to assist you with sizing and configuring a filter press to meet your needs. Our process engineers have considerable expertise in filter press selection, flow-sheet development, material balances and ancillary equipment selection for every phase of your project. We offer multiple design options and customisations to meet your process requirements. Our fully equipped laboratory is available for bench-scale testing, when required, and we maintain a fleet of pilot filter presses for onsite trials and filtration studies.

Pressure filtration products from FLSmidth

AFP & AFP LC automated filter press – robust design utilised to dewater the most challenging slurries in the minerals industry.

Pneumapress automatic pressure filters – heavy-duty and designed to minimise operational and installed costs. Pneumapress filters provide the highest solids throughput per filter area, combined with maximum equipment availability.

Shriver filter presses – industrial-grade, designed for long life, low maintenance, easy operation, and cost-effective filtration.

Belt press filters (TDP) – an incredibly efficient belt press filter that overcomes old design shortfalls to produce drier cake at lower costs. 

Dedication to excellence

As a global leader in separation technology, we are constantly looking at ways of improving operating efficiencies and ease of maintenance of our equipment. We continually develop new technologies, upgrades and programs that will enhance your equipment’s performance.

Our dedicated filtration team is here to serve your needs. Our extended offerings include parts, filter media, service, repairs, rebuilds, upgrades, service contracts, value-added solutions, and special inventory programs. Our testing and development laboratory is available to analyse samples and optimise filtration processes.


Custom-engineered designs and systems

We offer the experience, support and resources of highly skilled process, research and design engineers. Using our decades of application experience, we can design and implement the most efficient and effective filtration solutions available, building a filter press that is exactly suited to your specific needs and requirements.  

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