Key Benefits

  • Quick replacement of damaged components
  • Maximised filtration surface area
  • Increased chamber volume
  • Extended plate life

The world’s first filter plate to boast a replaceable sealing frame

By offering the ability to be continually repaired, the Maxa Modular Filter Plate reduces inventory levels and greatly reduces the environmental impact.

Every year, filter press owners must plan on a percentage of the total plates in operation that will require replacement. If a filter plate suffers a blowout, its sealing edge is often damaged, and the entire plate is discarded. Blowouts are unpredictable and can occur to any plate of any age. The Maxa Modular Filter Plate eliminates the need to scrap an otherwise viable filter plate. Instead, the damaged plate component can be replaced in minutes, returning the plate to the filter for further production and increasing the overall life of the original investment. 


A modular plate lowers cost of ownership

  • Replaceable sealing edges can be changed without removing plate hardware
  • Replaceable staybosses maximise filtration surface area and minimise abrasion during cake discharge
  • Redesigned plate and hardware require no lag bolts for assembly
  • Compatible with all M1500 & M2020 AFP’s

Our MissionZero commitment fueled further efforts to tackle the filter plate’s single biggest issue: plate attrition

While the Maxa Modular Filter Plate shares all of the Maxa advancements, it also uniquely incorporates replaceable elements. The ability to replace the filter plates’ most commonly worn components drives down the total cost of operation, and it significantly reduces the environmental impact of discarded plates.

  • Replaceable plate-sealing surface allows damaged components to be changed in minutes 
  • Replaceable components produce less waste 
  • Expanded filtration surface area improves throughput 
  • Greater chamber volume allows for increased cake mass per cycle 
  • Increased filtrate port area reduces velocity of filtrate and cake blow air, extending plate life 
  • Engineered port locations and size promote filtrate flow and eliminate areas that weaken filter media 
Maxa Modular Plate Closeup

As much as 10% more volume, improved filtration times, and longer plate lifecycle for your AFP

We improved the AFP filter plate’s physical characteristics to increase cloth life and maximise productivity

More volume
Increase in filtration area
More filtrate open area

Streamlined plate anatomy prolongs cloth life 

  • Cloth changeout is time-consuming and expensive. Maxa addresses the most common points of cloth failure
  • Air for cake blow is introduced at a lower velocity to reduce abrasion 
  • A modified interface between the plate and cloth provides greater support, minimising high-stress areas  
  • Better PIP design provides more consistent cloth support 
  • Engineered port locations and size promote filtrate flow 

Port size and arrangement extends plate life



Filtrate port design affects how air flow wears the plate over time. Increased porting lowers filtrate and air velocity, promoting better filtrate flow through the plate. This optimises transitions and reduces wear on the cloth – extending the plate’s overall lifecycle. 

Maxa Modular Port Design

Greater filtration surface area improves production

  • When it comes to throughput, every millimetre on the plate surface counts. By maximising the plate area and volume, your operation becomes more efficient and ultimately more profitable  
  • Optimised staybosses maximise cake volume 
  • Maximum energy transfer with PIP pattern design 
  • Expanded cake formation zone 
  • Streamlined filtrate path from edge to edge 


KREBS® Quick Release™ system for pump rebuilds

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