Key Benefits

  • High cake-washing efficiency
  • Variations to accommodate multiple applications
  • Updated designs to address modern calciner needs

These are the highlights on the Horizontal Pan Filter

As a continuous vacuum filter, the Horizontal Pan Filter (HPF) is made for cost-efficient filtration of granular, fibrous and course fast-settling solids. This can include cake drying and washing for applications where it is required.



High cake washing efficiency from unique filter design

Conventional designs often end up using large quantities of wash media as they work for thorough cake washing. The Horizontal Pan Filter achieves the highest cake washing efficiency with reduced consumption of wash media.



Options to match your application’s needs

Each application has different requirements and preferences for success. We offer different filter designs and sizes to find what meets your needs. We also offer process components for those who can use them. These options make the Horizontal Pan Filter (HPF) compatible with a wide range of industrial applications and industry needs.


The applied vacuum and other techniques dry out the cake beyond conventional filters. Afterwards, it’s removed by a wear-resistant cake discharge scroll. We also have a wide range of textile and metal type of filter media, allowing for the most advanced cloth fixing methods. This includes cassette designs.



Heavy-duty materials

Long-lasting equipment requires materials fit for the job. At FLSmidth, we make sure to design our filters with materials that will withstand the environment they are housed in. Horizontal Pan Filters are most often manufactured with an all-steel design. However, we offer advice on different materials depending on your application and environment. Aside from the durable materials used on the HPF, we also offer a reliable and maintenance-friendly filter.




Knowing your equipment is coming from a reliable and experienced source gives your team peace of mind. We’ve worked over the last 60 years to gain more and more experience with Horizontal Pan Filters. We’ve achieved superior performance in just short of thousands of installations, spanning a wide range of applications. We’ve learned from these opportunities over the years and we found that simplicity of design, operation visibility and great reliability are the most important factors to implement when it comes to these filters. As we’ve applied the above principles, we’ve designed the Horizontal Pan Filter to be the horizontal filter with the lowest capital cost to ton of product ration.  

Product highlights

These features set the Horizontal Pan Filters apart from others:

  • The continuous Horizontal Pan Filter is divided into sectors. It rotates around a vertical axis, and it’s equipped with an individual fixed filter media
  • There are multiple options for cake drying with the HPF. You can use vacuum, steam or hot air
  • The materials are reliable: mild steel, alloys or rubber-lined mild steel
  • The HPF is also made with a gas-tight design


Three key ways the Horizontal Pan Filter can benefit your operation

High cake-washing efficiency
The Horizontal Pan Filter comes with technology that requires less resources and produces better output.
Variations to accommodate multiple applications
There are multiple sizes, materials and more to ensure that your application has the right fit and function.
Updated designs to address modern calciner needs
We’ve updated our designs to meet the needs of modern calciners.

How the Horizontal Pan Filter’s technology creates efficiency

Technology can make a significant impact on the output efficiency from your equipment. Our engineering team at FLSmidth continuously improves our equipment designs. The Horizontal Pan Filter is no exception. Its design considerably enhances its performance. For instance, the HPF has the following advantages to conventional designs:


  • Highest capacities per square meter. This is possible because of the maximum discharge areas through the drainage neck and stream lined filter valve
  • Lowest cake moisture. The high hydraulic pneumatic capacities allow for so much moisture to be removed
  • Effective separation of wash media on the filter deck during single- or multi-stage co-current and counter current displacement wash
  • Vacuum up to 150 mbar abs
  • Air back blow in feed area for heel cake re-slurrying and filter media cleaning
  • Efficient filter cake drying using steam, hot air or other methods


The needs of modern calciner designs, such as plant layout and process control, have long been neglected. Our latest Horizontal Pan Filters address these concerns by combining individual process needs with reliable and rugged equipment design. The following features are the results of these upgrades:


  • Wide range of filter sizes. We offer filters with a filtration area of currently 71 square meters comprising a pan diameter of approximately 10 meters
  • High throughputs. As we improved the hydraulic and pneumatic filter characteristics, the filtration rate and cake solids concentration increased
  • Uniform hydrate slurry distribution. Our well proven feeding device results in an even cake build up over the full pan width
  • Superior product hydrate characteristics. The heel cake filtration combined with up to three counter current cake wash stations minimizes condensate consumption
  • Effective cake moisture reduction. By applying low pressure plant steam results in an economic filter operation
  • Variety of advanced filter media and media fixing methods
  • Continuous and discontinuous cloth cleaning methods
  • Advanced self control features for reliable operation
  • Wear resistant discharge scroll


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